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Dixie Leota: Portrait
Looking for a freelance illustrator for your next project? Find and hire from thousands of available illustrators on Behance.
The Behance Team : Beauty Branding & Packaging moodboard
See the best beauty and cosmetic branding and packaging projects on Behance
Graham Paterson: St Martini Serif
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Recently Featured Creatives

Giulia De Amicis
Giulia specializes in information design, visual journalism, and editorial illustrations. She is based in Milan, Italy.
Yasemin Çakır
Graphic Design
Yasemin is a freelance graphic designer who is deeply fascinated by the emotional and influence of typography on design.
Kim Van Vuuren
Graphic Design
Kim is a graphic designer and artist who combines traditional design techniques with contemporary illustrations and aesthetics.
 Emily López
Graphic Design
Emily A.K.A Emmiliana, is a graphic designer and art director who has created bold graphics for brands like Coca-Cola, Vice Media, and Adobe.
Nadya Aksenova
Graphic Design
Nadya specializes in branding and product design. Her work often features abstract textures and cyberpunk elements.
Melissa Mathieson
3D artist and illustrator Melissa creates bubbly, otherworldly scenes and characters inspired by all things whimsical and nostalgic.
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October November: Emboss/Deboss Mockup Kit
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Jake Kontou: The Last of Us - Lost in Cult, lock-on Issue 005
Why did the scarecrow get a promotion? He was outstanding in his field.
Dasha Plesen: Tones and Textures
An invitation to explore the mysterious and fantastical world of fungi.
The Behance Team: World Wildlife Day moodboard
We've curated a moodboard for World Wildlife Day full of creative projects that celebrate our planet's diverse flora and fauna
Dan Gartman: Epic Illustration Mix
Hire the best creative talent from Behance for your next freelance illustration project.
Demy Ohneisser and Morien Ohneisser: Refraction in Motion
Looking to hire talent in Germany? See our highlight of available freelance artists.
Browse through thousands of UI/UX portfolios on Behance and hire the perfect designer for your project.
Martin Nauman: 100 Logos
Hire the best logo designers from the world's biggest creative community.
Anagrama Studio: Anti Fine Dining
Creative and light-hearted restaurant branding projects to put a smile on your face.
Ty Dale and EXE LONDON: Playtime Coffee
Hire the best editorial illustrators for your next pieces from Behance.
That’s Amore moodboard: The Behance Team
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore.
Tom Jueris: LIBERÉ
Looking for a freelance branding, identity, or packaging designer? Hire from thousands of creatives who are available today.
Dan Gartman and Fireart Studio: Working Collection 2021
Learn how you can paid directly and securely on Behance for your work through our partnership with Stripe.
Nicholas Baker: Stretch Clock
Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock
Au Chon Hin: Adobe InDesign 2022
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Hire freelance graphic designers, illustrators, 3D artists, and more for your next project directly from Behance.
Melissa Mathieson: 2022 Wrap Up
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With our new Freelance Proposals feature, you can now find freelance projects and work directly with clients on Behance.
Mei Shin :  Lunar new year 2023 in Korea with GoDaddy
Ring in the Year of the Rabbit with our curated moodboard featuring creative illustrations, red envelopes, calendars, and more.
Mary Maka:  Illustration for Kiehl's limited edition packaging
Product Updates & News
See how you can browse talent on Behance and hire from the world's best creative community.
The Behance Team: 2023 Calendar moodboard
Kickstart the new year with these inspirational calendar designs by the Behance community.
Marina Weishaupt: SUNSET BEACH CAMP
Behance members reflect on the past year and share their creative resolutions for the year ahead.
The Behance Team: Winter moodboard
See the best seasonal projects from Behance across graphic design, illustration, photography, 3D art, and more
Princess Hıdır: Comic Planta
Browse some of the top illustration, character design, and digital art projects that were shared by the Behance community this yera.
Cyrill Durigon, Arice, and Jam3: OZWORLD HYPEREEL
See the most inspirational 3D art and motion projects that were shared to Behance in 2022.
&Walsh: Google I/O 2022
Take a look at some of the top graphic design, packaging, branding, and typography projects that were shared to Behance in 2022.
Paolo Pettigiani : 7 Days in the Dolomites
See the best photography projects that our global community of image makers shared to Behance this year.
Alex Maltsev: Flawless
Take a walk down memory lane to reflect with us on 2022 and hear success stories from Behance members.
The Behance Team: Best of 2022 Moodboard
We reflected on the top projects from Behance this year to identify visual trends that captivated us in 2022.
Maggie Enterrios and Lisa Quine: Dandelion Chocolate x Littlepatterns Advent Calendar
Get into the holiday spirit with these inspirational advent calendar designs.
The Behance Team: Virtual Fashion Moodboard
Inspirational virtual fashion projects from Behance that are pushing the boundaries of creativity.
Fonzy Nils: Visual Explorations
Tips and Tutorials
With the right approach, your downtime can reap benefits for your career and optimize your work life
Rutger Paulusse and Geert van Hooff: Xiaomi - Wallpapers
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Attach downloadable source files to our projects and share your creative knowledge with the Behance community.
The Behance Team: Black Panther Moodboard
Browse the best Black Panther fan art projects on Behance.
Oscar Llorens: Halloween Cartoon
Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see this, our moodboard of Halloween.
Wes Cockx: COLLECTED • Explorations 29
Guest Curator
3D artist Wes Cockx shares his creative journey and his most memorable projects on Behance.