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Get Paid Directly on Behance with PayPal

Paypal Portals by Bitasi Santos and Francisco Quiles
Get Paid Directly on Behance with PayPal
Published March 27, 2024 by the Behance Team

Over the last few years, Behance has evolved from a platform for creative inspiration to a comprehensive resource for discovering creative opportunities. From finding new freelance opportunities, advertising services for hire, and selling digital assets, Behance is the best place to grow your creative career.

We’re excited to partner with PayPal to bring more opportunities to our global community. When you connect your Behance account to PayPal, you can get paid securely and safely directly on Behance for any freelance work you complete through our platform, asset sales, and subscriptions. 

Find Freelance Work on Behance

Let visitors know that you’re available for freelance work by updating your availability on your Behance profile. Prospective clients can contact you with a Freelance/Project Inquiry, and once you’ve connected PayPal, you’ll be able to send proposals and get paid directly on Behance for your work. 

You can also list a Creative Service to let visitors know the specific types of projects you’re available for. Set your own price, timeline, and number of revisions to provide potential clients with all the information up front, and get qualified inquiries. 


Learn more about getting hired on Behance.

Sell Digital Assets on Behance

Selling digital assets is a great way to make passive income as a creative. It’s an opportunity to showcase your creative skills and monetize your work beyond client projects. 

Attach File

To sell digital assets on Behance, attach downloadable files to any new or existing project. Click the Attach File button from the project editor to upload your files, set your own price and license, and continue to monetize on other platforms. 

Connect Paypal to Behance

Head to the settings page of your Behance account to connect your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can sign up for free at 


Learn more about getting paid directly on Behance with PayPal or Stripe, including the list of supported countries, in our FAQ

Upgrade to Behance Pro

For Behance Pro members, we are eliminating our platform fee for asset sales, freelance hiring transactions, and subscriptions. That means 100% of your revenue goes directly to you (aside from payment processing fees from Stripe and Paypal).

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Upgrade today to unlock 0% platform fees, advance analytics to better understand your audience, access to Adobe Portfolio, and more!

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