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Guide To Finding Freelance Clients on Behance

Guide To Finding Freelance Clients on Behance
Published March 19, 2024 by the Behance Team

Behance is not just a platform for finding inspiration but also a valuable tool for finding new creative opportunities. With a diverse community of over 50 million users worldwide, Behance is the leading platform for freelancers seeking new career prospects. 

Here's how you can leverage Behance to elevate your career and connect with new clients.

1. Turn on Hire Me 

Fill out the Hire Me section of your profile to let potential clients that you are open to new opportunities. From your Behance profile, click the Edit Availability button on the left panel to specify your budget and schedule.

Once you update your availability, your profile will also be shown on our Hire page so you can be seen by more potential clients. 

Hire Me

2. List a Creative Service 

Add custom Freelance Services to your Behance profile to advertise specific types of projects you’re available for. Set your own price, timeline, and revisions to provide potential clients with all the information up front to get qualified inquiries. 

You can select examples of your work from your Behance projects to showcase your style and give your clients an idea of the final deliverables.

Upgrade to Behance Pro to get 0% fees on freelance hiring transactions for both you and your clients, as well as 0% fees on any asset sales and subscriptions.  

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3. Respond to Inquiries Promptly

When you receive inquiries, respond promptly and professionally. A timely response can leave a positive impression, and your profile will be marked with "Responds quickly." You can also use the video call feature from the Behance inbox to connect with clients face to face. 

4. Keep Your Portfolio Up to Date 

Your portfolio is your best tool for showcasing your skills and attracting new clients. Regularly update Behance with your latest work and highlight projects that are relevant to the clients you want to attract. Include context around the project and your process to give clients a glimpse into your creative process and showcase the value you can bring to their projects.

5. Promote Your Behance Profile

Share your Behance profile and projects on social media, your website, and other online platforms to increase your visibility and attract potential clients. You can embed your Behance projects and services to your website, blog, or social media accounts. Click the Share icon from your profile or the “...” icon from your Services to get the embed code and promote your work. 


6. Understand Your Audience with Behance Pro 

Upgrade to Behance Pro to unlock advanced analytics to better understand your audience. You’ll be able to see who is interacting with your work and the source of your traffic from both within and outside of Behance, as well as top keywords  leading to your projects so you can optimize your profile. 

Learn more about Behance Pro and start your free 7 day trial today

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