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Through Nature's Lens: Behance Artists on Finding Inspiration from Earth's Wonders

Through Nature's Lens: Behance Artists on Finding Inspiration from Earth's Wonders
Published April 22, 2024 by the Behance Team

April 22 marks Earth Day, a worldwide event that celebrates the Earth’s bountiful and diverse beauty and raises awareness about the importance of protecting our home planet. Our planet not only provides us with a home and resources to thrive, but also serves as a bountiful source of inspiration for creativity. 

In honor of Earth Day, we asked Behance members from around the world to share how they’ve found inspiration from nature and incorporated it into their creative work. 


Everyday Earth Day Retro Collection by Inna Miller

Pierre-Louis Ferrer started practicing infrared photography in 2012 after finishing his studies in optical instrument engineering. “My first job in the aeronautics sector introduced me to vision systems outside our visible field, and I was fascinated by the way we can reveal our environment in a brand new way, catching a different part of the light spectrum,” he shares. “I prefer to contemplate what my eyes can see to focus on what they cannot with my camera.”

“Infrared technique is a fantastic tool to mark the foliage, due to the internal properties of the leaves to this spectrum,” Pierre-Louis explains. He selects subjects and perspectives that enhance this contrast to showcase the interconnectedness of the natural and the manmade.

Pierre Louis2

Coexistence II by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Infrared photography has deepened Pierre-Louis’s appreciation for nature and led him to study biology and plant philosophy to enrich his artistic approach. “I became far more sensitive to the presence of nature, trees and plants, how they stand, how they adapt themselves to their environment, how they can be linked to others.”


Tree of Life by Isabella Tabacchi

Landscape photographer Isabella Tabacchi was drawn to nature and photography as a child. Her eureka moment happened after high school, while on a trip to the Dolomite Mountains. “When I visited the Italian Dolomites for the first time I felt my lifetime mission became immortalizing the emotions and the poetry that nature is constantly showing us,” she recalls. 

“I’ve owned drones since 2017 but I always felt more inspired by looking for views from the floor, with majestic backgrounds.” Isabella’s Tree of Life project was photographed by drone in Iceland. “By chance I was flying over an area where there was a point of interest I found beforehand, and I saw these views of grooves, rivers and plants creating tree-shaped patterns from above.” 

Over the course of her career, Isabella’s style has constantly evolved, but her inspiration from nature has remained constant. “My goal is to immortalize the landscapes and make them alive through my pictures, portraying the elements of nature as they are alive. Even after so many years, when I’m photographing the destinations I visit, I feel lost in my inspiration and lose contact with reality.”



Creatives play a crucial role in shaping how society views and responds to the delicate balance that sustains life on Earth. Whether it’s through photography that captures vanishing landscapes, or designs that promote sustainability, we wield significant influence in shaping how society views and responds to environmental issues. 

Paul Rose

Wildlife of Costa Rica by Paul Rose

Illustrator George Tonks’s series highlights endangered species, some being on the brink of extinction. “The subjects I have chosen for this project all come under the umbrella of being endangered all due to the issue of human involvement in a severe capacity, be it hunted or the loss of habitat they live in,” he explains. 


Endangered by George Tonks

“Drawing characters has always been a passion of mine as they have the great capacity to highlight issues we have to today and tell powerful stories. The topic of wildlife protection is one that is always in circulation, but now more than ever, this message needs to be pushed further if we are to save the wonders of our planet.” 

George’s hope with his illustrations is that they spark empathy from the audience. “By playing upon playful forms and highlighting the majesty these animals have, I hope to trigger this emotion.”


GLACIER RIVER BLUES — Iceland by Jan Erik Waider

“I've always been interested in photography and traveling, so I've had a camera with me for almost 25 years,” says landscape photographer Jan Erik Waider. Specializing in atmospheric and abstract landscape photography in the polar region from Greenland to Antarctica, Jan has seen the rapid shifts in the ice due to climate change.

Iceland has a special place in Jan’s heart — he’s been visiting the volcanic island multiple times a year since 2010 — and it is here where he’s seen more drastic changes. “As I visit the same places again and again, it is sometimes dramatically visible in just a few years how quickly the glaciers are retreating,” he says. “The path to the glacier is noticeably further from where I parked my van. All that remains is rubble and sand where just a few years ago there was a majestic cave made of ice.”


NOS : Sustainable CMF by Sooa Choi

Photographer Adedolapo Boluwatife too, has witnessed first hand the devastating consequences of human impact on the environment. “Growing up in Lagos, and experiencing flooding first hand.  I’ve come to realize that the major cause of its flooding problem is the inappropriate disposal of wastes, a major menace being plastic waste,” Adedolapo shares. 

Invitation to Invade

Invitation to Invade by Adedolapo Boluwatife

“This prompted me to take action by collecting plastic wastes around my neighborhood and using them to create these photographs before sending them to a local recycling plant,” he says about his series Invitation to Invade. His goal with these striking images is to urge collective responsibility and drive positive change. 

“My photography serves as my voice,” says Adedolapo. “Despite my reticent nature, I can express my perspective and thoughts on a topic that concerns the whole world and resonates with a diverse audience, initiating meaningful conversations and eliciting emotional responses.”

4ade58100088927.5f0147f30833f (1)

Mt. Lingming & Shung by Bo Wen HUANG

Learn more about Earth Day and see how you can get involved in the global movement. 

Looking for more Earth Day inspiration?

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