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Behance Artist Spotlight: Batzorig Regzen

Behance Artist Spotlight: Batzorig Regzen
Published September 12, 2023 by the Behance Team

Designer and creative director Batzorig Regzen has always had a deep curiosity and interest in computers and technology: “I spent my childhood in a small settlement in Mongolia, and at that time there were only 3 computers. I spent all day in front of the computer drawing on the Windows 98 Paint. Later on, my curiosity led me to Adobe Photoshop, on which I made my first works as an 18-year-old.”

Batzorig Regzen

Despite his desire to pursue graphic design in college, no such courses were available in Mongolia at the time. “So I decided to learn it the hard way — I had no one to teach me and no Internet access. I had to teach myself everything on my own.” 

His process was one of tenacious trial and error: “I had to keep using Adobe Photoshop over and over to figure out the tools and how it worked. I learned that you can learn anything, even with significant difficulties. Of course, when I finally got access to the Internet, I discovered many functions I hadn't known about.” 

Batzorig started selling digital assets in 2016. “I kicked off my digital design journey by selling presentation templates on various online marketplaces. Initially, the sales weren't exactly booming, to be honest.” 

He didn’t let his disappointing sales deter him. “I adopted a strategy of consistently refining, updating and learning along the way. This dedication to improvement gradually paid off, leading to a noticeable rise in sales in the long run.” 


Free Animated Film Frames Instagram Story by Batzorig Regzen

Today, Batzorig dedicates around 30% of his time creating digital products to sell online and the remainder of his time creating custom work for clients. 

“I have a strong preference for more minimalist and clean designs for my work,” he explains. “My designs are often done using a grid system, which helps me organize elements in a way that makes the design look cleaner and more organized overall. It's like creating a hidden structure that adds a sense of harmony to the final look.” 


Free Crypto Infographics by Batzorig Regzen

Many of his customers are individuals starting new projects or businesses, students, and start ups, and the information and visual hierarchy built into Batzorig’s designs provide natural guidance for pitching ideas and telling a story.

“When I create my designs, I start by checking out the current trends and what people are interested in at that time,” Batzorig explains. “Then, I come up with an idea, sketch, and draw it on Figma and Adobe XD. Lastly, I finalize my work on PowerPoint and Keynote.”

Batzorig’s advice for designers looking to break into the online asset marketplace is to connect with the needs of the customer. “It is crucial to keep your design dynamic. Customers often want to adjust the design to fit their content and needs. So, it's essential for the design to be flexible and easy for the customer to work with.” 

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