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Behance Artist Spotlight: Silver Stag

Behance Artist Spotlight: Silver Stag
Published November 6, 2023 by the Behance Team

Font designer Silver Stag’s creative journey has been a long and winding one. “I began my creative career on a different path, studying architecture and civil engineering,” shares the Spain-based creative. “It might seem unrelated, but my passion for visually captivating design was always present, quietly lurking in the background.”

After concluding his studies in architecture and engineering, Silver Stag took a leap of faith to pursue a career in the creative field with virtually no prior experience. He started out with web design, first with Adobe Flash, then HTML and CSS — all self-taught — and gradually added logo and branding work to his portfolio. 


First Contact - Ultra Condensed Font by Silver Stag

For several years, Silver Stag ran a small design studio, working with clients across a range of projects including web and identity design. “As time passed, I found myself buried in administrative and managerial tasks when I really wanted to be immersed in the creative process,” he explains. “I was wearing too many hats—accountant, secretary, project manager, support staff—everything except the one I cherished the most, the designer's hat.”

Working with clients also meant that he had to compromise his creative vision to meet the needs of the client. Wanting to refocus his time and energy in the creative process, Silver Stag decided to take another leap of faith: creating templates.


2024 Planner / Workbook Creator for Canva by Silver Stag

“I wanted my work to serve a purpose, to empower those who used it to communicate effectively in a visually captivating way. I loved the creative freedom it offered, enabling me to design what I resonated with the most.” 

Despite his initial reservations, Silver Stag was pleasantly surprised by the success of his digital assets: “Around this time, the design marketplace industry was booming, and there was a significant demand for such templates. In the very first month, I not only covered my expenses but also managed to sustain a comfortable lifestyle in Spain doing what I love.” 


Archer Display - Ligature Serif Font by Silver Stag

Following the success of his templates, Silver Stag branched out to a new category. “People had often complimented my handwriting, and I saw an opportunity in the market for unique typefaces. I dabbled with acrylic paints and watercolors, crafting letters and symbols to create distinctive fonts. This endeavor proved successful, and it ignited in me a newfound passion for letterforms and shapes.”

What started out as an exploration has grown to become the focus of Silver Stag’s portfolio: “The social media template market has become saturated, especially with AI-powered design tools readily available. Fonts, on the other hand, continue to intrigue me, and I'm always eager to learn and refine my craft.” 


Cosmic Solace - Ligature Serif Font by Silver Stag

Silver Stag describes the process of creating digital assets as “a blend of creativity and inspiration drawn from various aspects of life.” Oftentimes, that inspiration comes from the everyday, and he strives to connect his emotions to a concept or idea. “For example, a font might be inspired by the music I'm listening to, a book I've read, or simply by the feeling I am left with after watching a movie. The aim is to translate those emotions into visual design.” 

French Chateaux, for example, was inspired by French music and its rich history. “When you listen to artists like Edith Piaf or Charles Aznavour, you'll notice a distinct flow and emotion in their music. That's what I aimed to capture in French Chateaux,” he explains. “It's about conveying the emotions and rhythms of French music in a visual form.”

After gathering inspiration, Silver Stag delves into market research. This involves researching current design trends, identifying the demand, and ultimately creating something that is both unique but in line with what customers are looking to purchase. 

“I don't limit myself to one style or category. I believe in diversifying my portfolio. From hand-drawn fonts to elegant ligature typefaces, serif font families and more, I enjoy experimenting with different styles. It keeps things interesting and allows me to explore my creativity fully.” 


First Contact - Ultra Condensed Font by Silver Stag

In addition to his designing fonts and templates for sale, Silver Stag has started to take on select freelance projects through Behance. He was recently commissioned to create a custom logo for a client.

“The initial contact for the project began on Instagram, but we swiftly transitioned everything to Behance to utilize its secure platform. This ensured that the financial aspect of the project was conducted safely and transparently. It's important to note that both designers and clients work hard for their money, and maintaining trust and confidence in the process is crucial.”

Whether it’s through his freelance design work or his digital assets, Silver Stag’s goal is ultimately to create beauty through his creativity: "I want my creations to inspire others and remind them of the beauty in life, just as I'm inspired by the world around me.”

One of the most valuable lessons that Silver Stag has learned through his experience in the digital marketplace is simply to get your work out there. “As a designer, you'll always strive for perfection, always trying to make that letter a bit more polished, that curve a tad smoother, or that ligature even more unique. The truth is, your work will never be 100% perfect in your eyes, but that’s okay. By putting your work out there, you open the door to valuable feedback and growth.”


Baroque Grotesk - Ligature Rich Font by Silver Stag

Silver Stag has taken this feedback to heart to continuously evolve and develop his brand. “You'll learn not just from your successes but also from your mistakes. This iterative process of creating, sharing, and learning is the path to improvement. Embrace the mantra: just put it out there.

See more project, assets, and Creative Services by Silver Stag on Behance.

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