Sebastian Marek: Maxon Cinema 4D 2024

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Behance Artist Spotlight: Sebastian Marek

Behance Artist Spotlight: Sebastian Marek
Published November 15, 2023 by the Behance Team

Sebastian Marek’s foray into graphic design began with his teenage hobby: skateboarding. “My journey into the world of computer graphics began during my high school years,” he shares. “My dream back then, like many other skateboarders, was to have a board with my own graphics. This fueled my passion to delve into vector graphic design and to start designing illustrations.”


As he became more involved in graphic design, Sebastian was eventually able to realize his dream of designing his own skateboard, and that accomplishment gave him the motivation to pursue a career in design.

Personal Skateboard

Personal skateboard design by Sebastian Marek

Sebastian went on to pursue a degree in IT while simultaneously exploring UI/UX work. “As I developed professionally, I continued to seek out new technical and visual challenges, which eventually attracted me to the world of 3D graphics.” He joined a design studio as a generalist and built his portfolio collaborating with teams as well as working directly with clients. “This diverse path has made me adept at working across a spectrum of styles and categories.”

Around two years ago, Sebastian made the decision to go freelance: “I wanted a little more flexibility in terms of where and when I work, and I wanted to see how I would cope with the greater autonomy that is required in freelancing, which includes project management, client communication and developing my personal brand,” he explains.  

People Can Fly — People by Sebastian Marek, Abra Network, Łukasz Partyka, Bartek Kalinowski, Rafał Woźniak

As a freelance 3D artist, Sebastian’s focus is on designing, directing, and animation. He collaborated with the Adobe Substance 3D team to create 3D It Yourself, an animation that demonstrates how to take individual elements from the asset library and blend them to create something entirely new. “Substance 3D Assets makes 3D accessible to users of all types, ultimately saving them significant time in their creative projects.”

Adobe Substance Assets - 3D It Yourself! by Sebastian Marek and Substance 3D

Sebastian was also commissioned to design a new splash screen for Cinema 4D, a project that he considers a “huge honor.” “While it's a relatively short piece, the knowledge that it is viewed by so many Cinema 4D users daily brings me immense joy,” he shares. 

After much brainstorming, Sebastian came up with a unique concept for the project: what would happen if umbrellas fell from the sky instead of rain? “I imagined them unfolding in a manner reminiscent of raindrops splashing upon impact,” he explains. “As an artist, I find this idea fascinating because I enjoy manipulating the physical characteristics of everyday objects in ways that could never happen in real life.”


Maxon Cinema 4D 2024 by Sebastian Marek

One of the greatest advantages of going freelance is that Sebastian is able to choose projects that are aligned with his interests and take breaks in between projects to maintain a healthy work-life balance. He also has the bandwidth to carve out time to explore personal projects, something he feels passionately about.

“Personal projects grant artists the freedom to explore and take risks without the pressure of specific client needs and requirements; this can lead to new and interesting outcomes. They tend to be authentic and can attract potential clients by showcasing the artist's unique talents and creativity.”

Nbd Combine

Never Been Done by Sebastian Marek

Behance has become Sebastian’s primary showcase for highlighting both his personal projects and commissioned work. “Being featured in these galleries has also helped me as an artist to increase the visibility and recognition of my projects. This not only attracts potential clients who can contact me, but also connects me with people who share an interest in my projects and would like to learn more about the process behind my work.”

Adobe Substance 3D Assets Video by Sebastian Marek and Giovanni Dubini

See more 3D projects by Sebastian on Behance.

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