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Hire a Featured Illustrator from Behance

Hire a Featured Illustrator from Behance
Published October 23, 2023 by the Behance Team

Looking for a freelance illustrator who can create captivating and unique visuals for an upcoming campaign, story, or product launch? Hire a Featured Freelancers from Behance to bring your creative vision to life. 

Featured Freelancers are an exclusive group of hand-picked creative professionals who are among the best in their field. They have been selected for their outstanding portfolio and proven freelance experience. When you hire a Featured Freelancer, you can pay them safely and directly through Behance via our payment partner Stripe.

Hire the best freelance illustrators on Behance

Freelance Illustrators Available for Hire


Beatrix Hatcher

Beatrix is an illustrator based in London who creates commercial and editorial illustrations for global clients including Accenture, CVS, The NHS, Adobe, and more. She is passionate about working collaboratively with clients and solving creative problems.



Andrea Devia-Nuño

Andrea is a Madrid-based artist whose artistic practice is focused on illustration and sculpture. Her work often features feminine and contemplative figures that evoke sensuality, ambiguity and a hypnotic abstraction.



Agnieszka Wajda

Agnieszka is an award-winning book illustrator with a background in architectural design. She brings a keen eye for detail and clean lines to her magical illustrations. Agnieszka is based in Krakow, Poland.

Agnieszka Wajda


Carolina Saiz

Carolina is an illustrator based in Seville, Spain who specializes in illustrated maps, branding and editorial design. Her illustrated maps capture the magical essence of travel and wanderlust. 



Meier Delphine

Meier combines her passion for design and illustration into impactful geometric vector art. Her illustration style is distinguished by harmonious shapes and punchy color palettes. Meier is based in Montreal, Canada.



Andrzej Wieteszka

Andrzej is an illustrator, graphic designer and artistic director from Warsaw, Poland. He has over 15 years of experience illustrating for publications like Vice, ELLE Magazine, and broadcasting channels including MTV and Comedy Central. 

Andrzej Wieteszka


Ann-Sophie De Steur

Ann-Sophie has a great love for minimalist design, motion graphics, and all things visual. Her illustrations often feature elements of science-fiction and fantasy. She is based in De Haan, Belgium. 



Andrea Manzati

Andrea creates colorful, simple and geometric illustrations, often incorporating analog media like ink and brushes to his digital compositions. His clients include Apple, Forbes, Google, Ikea, and more. Andrea is based in Italy.

Andrea Manzati


Dave Arcade

Dave is a former art director turned illustrator with a degree in graphic design. His work is influenced by vintage cartoons and nostalgic palettes. His clients include Apple, Google, Disney, the NBA, and more.



Colby Clites

Colby is an independent designer and illustrator at Clites Creative, a design studio specializing in packaging and brand design for the beverage industry. He is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. 


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How to Hire a Freelance Illustrator on Behance

When you find a creative who is a good fit for your project, send them a Freelance/Project inquiry outlining the scope of the work. If the creative is interested in taking on the project, they will send back an official proposal that you can review and approve. Once you complete the required upfront payment, the creative can begin the work. 

Learn more about how to use our Freelance Projects feature in our FAQ.

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