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Creative Calendar Designs on Behance

Creative Calendar Designs on Behance
Published January 8, 2024 by the Behance Team

Calendars provide a consistent and programmatic structure for our daily lives. While all calendars have the same elements like months and days that help us tell the passing of days, their design does not always need to conform to numbers and boxes. 

Here are some of the best out-of-the-box calendar designs that redefine how we interact with time. 

Character mask calendar by Lin Soso, YY C, and ONEBOOM DESIGN



Tear apart calendar by Hansen/2 Design+Direction

Pull and Tear


Gameboy-inspired calendar by Lin Lung Chen and ROUND OFF



Perpetual flip calendar by above studio, Deric Jeon, Seong Yeong Shin, and Suk Hwan Han



Calendar stamps by ChinWen Hsu and Annabel Lin



Balance, a stacking calendar by Pengguin hk, Todd Lam, and Soho So



Folder calendar by studio dolphins

Walk the Line


Calendar that doubles as a desk organizer by Nikita Parkhomenko



Minimalist wheel calendar by Mayuko Kanazawa



Perpetual calendar by Alex Yonoh


See more creative calendar designs

Search for creative takes on calendar designs and browse our curated moodboard featuring the best calendar design projects on Behance.

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