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How to Make the Most of Behance in 2024

How to Make the Most of Behance in 2024
Published January 3, 2024 by the Behance Team

A new year is filled with new possibilities: it's time to reflect on the lessons we learned in the previous year and set goals that align with our aspirations. We asked Behance members to share their biggest learnings from 2023 and their resolutions for making the most of Behance to further their careers in the new year.  

Create Consistently with Intention

Brand designer Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira reflects on 2023 as her best year thus far on Behance. “I shifted my focus from freelancer platforms to Behance, believing that the client portfolio and projects would be better. I had a target of adding at least one project per month and I reached that target so far, this result makes me happy.”

Her consistent efforts have paid off: “I'm seeing a lot of traffic coming my way after becoming a Featured Freelancer. Also I received some features which made me very happy and helped me reach more people on the platform.” 

Cansu’s resolution for 2024 is an extension of her goals from last year: to continue to build her freelance project portfolio on Behance. “My biggest means to achieve goals is trying to do my best every time. I invest time into presenting my work on Behance after each project comes to an end. I try to showcase my projects in the best way so that I can stand out among many. Being featured on curated galleries is a very effective way to gain more exposure so I aim to be featured on galleries with each project I add to my portfolio.”


Dreavita - Mental Wellness Branding by Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira

Design duo Shiraz & Daryan became Featured Freelancers on Behance this year and have already completed 9 freelance projects for clients around the world through our platform. 

"This coming year, we’re setting our sights on a world tour, right from our desks! We’ve already been on a creative journey with clients from over 20 different spots on the globe, and it’s only stoked the fire in us to go further.”

Shiraz & Daryan’s 2024 resolution is to become the “go-to agency for projects that chat, charm, and cheer across cultures,” and their Behance page is their calling card. “We’re on a mission to make our Behance portfolio an evergreen testament to our journey, showcasing the depth and growth of our work, just as it enriches us in return. It’s our cozy corner in the vast digital universe where every update, every new upload, is a chance to spark a meaningful conversation or clinch that dream project.”


Concept for Premium Mushroom Product Brand Identity by Shiraz & Daryan

Broaden Your Audience with Behance Assets

“Behance has not only been a great creative platform but also a way of growth for my work with a very large reach of people and even clients. It has helped my work gain more recognition, highlighted the quality of my work (with the help of high-quality uploads) and has helped to make my work more dynamic on the platform, much more than regular social media,” shares Porto-based designer Tom Sarraipo

Tom began selling his digital assets on Behance in 2023. “The experience of selling assets on Behance has been very positive and has greatly exceeded my expectations. It was an excellent initiative on Behance's part to make assets available for download to the entire community, both for those who create and sell templates and samples and for those who want to buy and use them.”

Going forward in 2024, Tom plans to expand his range of templates to make his offerings more diverse. “I want to explore more creativity, approach more visual design styles and have a more innovative and versatile portfolio in templates and assets. I'm going to make the most use Behance so that my next templates reach more people, so that my work gains more visibility, I can respond to buyers' needs and have an incredible and versatile portfolio of work and assets available.”


Minimalist Portfolio Layout (Download) by Tom Sarraipo

Graphic designer Iuliia Mazur started selling her design assets on Behance in 2023. “Selling digital assets on Behance has been a highly positive discovery for me. The platform's user-friendly interface and built-in marketplace have allowed me to share my work with a wider audience and meet new customers,” she shares. 

In 2024, Iuliia plans to expand her offerings on the Behance marketplace. “I intend to utilize Behance to its full potential. I'm looking forward to seeing more features in the Behance Assets, especially support for zip archives. because I have a lot of products with a lot of formats for the convenience of buyers that I plan to sell on Behance.” Iuliia also plans to explore more collaborative projects to push the boundaries of her own design work. 


Umidus font by Iuliia Mazur

Find New Opportunities on the Behance Job Board

See the latest openings for freelance and full-time positions from companies around the world on the our job board. Filter by location and creative field, and apply to opportunities seamlessly with your Behance portfolio. 

Job Board

More Exciting Features Ahead

We are building even more improvements to Behance designed to help creatives make the most of their careers. We look forward to sharing these with you in the new year and seeing what you make of them. Here’s to a creative year ahead! 

Screen Shot 2023 11 27 at 12.52.52 Pm

See the top projects that were shared to Behance this year in our Best of 2023 moodboard.  

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