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Twipi Group Brand architecture
Twipi Group
Brand architecture
Digital solutions for property maintenance

Twipi Group is a software publisher that brings together the entire property maintenance ecosystem under one roof and supports companies in their digital transformation. Innovation is their totem and data is their passion. To do this, they offer innovative solutions and intuitive tools to revolutionize the world of property maintenance. Behind their lines of code is a tribe of passionate coders.

Just as Geronimo unified the Apache nation, Twipi Group aims to unify all the players in property maintenance: service providers (Twimm), owners (Intwi) and residents (Tootwi). And for the anecdote, their servers run on Apache!

We supported them in the redesign of their brand architecture. To do this, we started by creating a real name architecture. We then developed a graphic universe for each of the brands. Illustration is an important part of it. It allows to stand out from the traditional iconography of this sector of activity (for example, low angle views of office buildings...), and brings poetry and humanity, while remaining digital.
The podcast of the project
The Graphéine team tells you about the backstage of this project. Deciphering, analyses and anecdotes for your ears... but sorry for the non-French speakers! 
Conselium is a fast-growing company involved in the design of software solutions, and which markets 3 products under 3 different brands: Conselium (electronic voting in general assembly), Twimm (CMMS software) and Agiom (platform for social landlords). The challenge was to review the brand platform, harmonize the name architecture, and develop a complete graphic charter.
An architecture of names
We propose to organize the name architecture around the "wi" digraph directly from the name Twimm, the group's flagship product. This type of sound in "vi, wi, ui, ui, oui" evokes life and movement. Orally, we hear "Oui" ("yes" in French), affirming a positive state of mind. We can also understand "we" as affirming a collective character.

"Tipi" ("Tepee" in English) is a Sioux word meaning "they live". The tipi is the archetype of collective housing, since the whole family lived there. Mixing the prefix of "Tweet" with the word "Tipi" allows the creation of an original neologism, which offers a strong potential for the development of a semantic universe as singular as it is relevant.

This name suggests "listening" ("être tout ouïe" in French meaning "being all ears") to the co-owners of the building in order to gather their comments and complaints. In English "toot" refers to the idea of alerting of a malfunction. The difference between the visual and phonetic aspect of the name is surprising. 

Intwi, is the Twimm from inside the building. One could call "intutius", the Latin root of the word "intuitive" meaning "glance" (monitoring), but it is in the idea of an intuitive technology that this name takes its meaning. Storytelling could be based on the idea of facilitation (intuitive) and prediction (intuition). Intwi simplifies the technical management of buildings and helps you anticipate failures (predictive maintenance).

Previously, its name was "Conselium", a name more reminiscent of the idea of advice than of electronic voting at general meetings. Votim, is a more explicit name. A Latin consonance that gives it a certain stature, a guarantee of reliability.


The illustrative universe is based on the existing illustration of Twimm, and is deployed at different scales depending on whether the subject of building maintenance is addressed at the macro level (the city) or at the micro level (the staircase).

Layout principles

The layout principle is very simple. Illustrations can work on a white background as well as on a coloured background. Therefore, by simple inversion sets, we can produce a multitude of variants, which allows us to develop a rich graphic universe while remaining visually coherent.
Twipi Group Brand architecture

Twipi Group Brand architecture

Twipi Group Digital solutions for property maintenance Twipi Group is a software publisher that brings together the entire property maintenance e Read More