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20th district of Paris - Brand identity
Paris 20th district City Hall - Visual identity
A smart new logo for Paris' most authentic and popular location

Graphéine accompanied the Paris 20th district City Hall to design a new visual identity that would have an impact and be fun, reflecting the 'village' spirit of this Parisian area.

As an agency that has been based in the 20th district for more than 10 years, we were keen to design a visual identity that reflected its warm, popular values

A new 20 out of twenty logo

We drew on the everyday language of local residents to create an identity that reflects them, using the name "Vingtième" ("Twentieth") as the basis for the new logo. The aim was to offer a more compact graphic form than the previous logotype, while incorporating symbolic elements that give an original and specific character to the borough.

Therefore we conducted our creative research to combine the signal strength of the number "20" with the popular dimension of the word "Vingtième", the length of which was a real problem. The polymorphous shape of the lower-case letter "g" in the typographic field enabled us to develop a double reading by also transforming it into "20e".

After a great deal of graphic experimentation, the final logotype took the main name "vingt", which reveals a double reading of number and letter, with a g that reads 20e when tilted vertically. This notion of verticality is a nod to the topography of the district, which has the highest point in Paris. The mention "Mairie de" ("City Hall of") discreetly completes the logo, avoiding the mention "Paris" in a context where district logos are almost systematically co-branded with the the City of Paris logo.
The design of the "g" forms a ligature between the "2" and the "0", reflecting the solidarity and closeness between the City Hall and its residents. The typographic block of the logotype, composed of rounded lower case letters, retains the friendly, human spirit of the 20th district.

The organic style refers to a very green area, where the vegetation is as firmly rooted today as it was in the past: its vines and lilacs in reference to the historic coat of arms, its 7 rivers that are now buried, the Père Lachaise, the largest park in the city...
A cheerful, adaptable visual system that makes the most of spoken word

When we landed on this graphic pirouette of a "20th" emblem that is both a number and a letter, we were very concerned to make it a central element of the new graphic charter that could be adapted. In order to increase the visibility and awareness of this symbol, we imagined editorial principles composed in the bespoke lettering we designed for the logotype, using words with the letter 'g' to include our '20th' glyph.

The sentences we came up with are all pretexts for emancipating the new emblem of the 20th district of Paris to create an image that is both institutional and surprising and creative for more event-based communications. This quirky approach creates a smart, welcoming style that is perfectly suited to the values and spirit of the 20th district.

With a more streamlined logo and a system that can be adapted to play on editorial catchphrases, the new visual identity of Paris's 20th district meets the City Hall's demand for a graphic identity that is more in tune with daily communication needs on social network accounts and all digital media.

Eventually, the color red has been retained, forming a link with the previous identity. The new visual identity of the 20th district and its City Hall is now more distinctive and better adapted to digital uses.

A smart logo that creates a lively, adaptable visual system based on words that convey the identity of the location, incorporating the "20e/g" emblem. A new identity that is popular and accessible, just like the area itself.
20th district of Paris - Brand identity


20th district of Paris - Brand identity

Graphéine worked with Paris 20th district City Hall to create a new visual identity that would be both impactful and fun, reflecting its "village Read More