The Situation:

In addition to being the #1 selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America, STIHL is seeking to expand their share in a competitive battery market, making audiences believe in the wide-ranging solutions they offer. 

In 2019, we set out to capitalize on STIHL’s strong brand heritage and awareness, and drive action towards sales of battery and gas products. The primary objective for our campaign was to maintain the number one position in gas, while elevating battery.
Throughout 2019, STIHL’s yearlong social program focused on core elements, such as brand awareness, equipment (gas/battery), partnerships, dealer reviews, STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® & sponsorships, STIHL OUTFITTERS™ and UGC. 

Following similar initiatives as previous years, imre was tasked with producing growth and KPI improvements with only a 2% increase in media. 
The Solution:

Taking into account the previous six years of the STIHL social media program, we know that social is not just the tip of the spear, but a constant touchpoint along the path to purchase from awareness to consideration, to affinity building.

In order to maximize efficiencies of media dollars, imre identified new audience segments, updated existing audience segments, and retooled our buying methodology to align with new capabilities in Facebook and Instagram, while continuing to test new channels and evolve creative and messaging. 
What We Did:

Brand Development  | Content Creation & Deployment  |  
Inter-Agency Collaboration  |  Social Planning  |  Strategy  |  Research & Analytics   

The Results:

Evolution and advanced strategies, combined with disruptive, targeted creative, produced record numbers in 2019. 

•  31% increase in total impressions

•  72% increase in video views

•  62% increase in link clicks

  96% increase in dealer searches

  237% increase in express reservations
STIHL Social