The Situation:

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) lowers sexual desire and can lead women to avoid intimacy, causing self-esteem issues and stress in relationships. While the majority of women have never heard of HSDD, ~1 in 10 women in the US are expected to have the condition, some as young as 20 years old. Many women feel uncomfortable and ashamed to speak to their doctor about their symptoms, causing many to suffer in silence for several years. 
The Solution:

Vyleesi, which launched nationally in September 2019, is the first and only FDA-approved, as-needed treatment for premenopausal women with acquired, generalized HSDD. In order to bring awareness to the condition and the new treatment option, imre led the Vyleesi brand team at AMAG Pharmaceuticals with digital-led and consumer-driven unbranded and branded campaigns. 


Make a Splash: imre aimed to drive a shift in the cultural conversation and inspire women to shed the shame and speak to their partners and doctors with confidence about low sexual desire, specifically HSDD. To create a blitz in the market, we prioritized community building and created the unblush campaign. Through a one-of-a-kind influencer event, an engaging community website and social content, our teams are continuing to build condition awareness for HSDD in the hopes they will ask their healthcare provider about a treatment option.

Take Control: In order to create a groundswell of excitement around Vyleesi, the branded solution for HSDD, we created a tone and brand aesthetic that is bold, unique and unapologetic. Brought to life through our #GHOSTEDByDesire messaging, the branded campaign is focused on empowering women to check their symptoms, talk to their healthcare providers and begin their journey with Vyleesi. 
What We Did:

Back-End & Front-End Development  |  Brand Identity & Packaging  |  Consumer Brand Launch Event Planning Influencer Marketing  |  Paid Promotion Strategy  |  Patient Experience Strategy  |  Performance Analysis & Insights Optimization   UX & Visual Design Video Production     

The Results:

In less than five months of the branded campaign, we reached over 12.6M people, with 550K+ visits to, 20K+sign ups for the CRM program and 6.3K+ symptom checker completions. 

Within the first eight months of the unbranded campaign, we reached over 28M people, with 1M+ visits to and 130K+ symptom checker completions.