The Situation:

INTRAROSA is a prescription treatment option for women with dyspareunia: moderate to severe painful sex due to menopause. Low disease awareness coupled with high emotional burden and shame caused many women to turn to over-the-counter lubricants for symptomatic relief. Many women could suffer from loss of intimacy for up to two years before initiating a conversation with their doctor. The lack of online resources and consistent vernacular made conversations difficult for both patients and physicians. 
The Solution:

imre Health developed a first-of-its-kind chatbot to serve as the first step to destigmatizing dyspareunia and educating patients about branded and unbranded treatment options. This Chatbot gives women individualized patient interactions by allowing them to self identify where they are in their journey, which then prompts an individualized pathway for patients to find answers to questions.

What We Did:

Back-End & Front-End Development  Paid Promotion Strategy  |  Patient Experience Strategy   Performance Analysis and Insights Optimization  |  Primary Patient Research  |  Unbranded Ecosystem Integration   UX & Visual Design  
The Results:
In the Chatbot’s eight-week launch run:

  4,700+ women initiated the chatbot experience for a total of 21,300+ interactions and questions answered. 

  689 exits tracked to INTRAROSA branded and unbranded website properties, with women spending more than 100 seconds on site (60% more than average). 

  1 in 5 women that engaged in the bot experience opted to talk to an HCP on-demand via the telemedicine option.