brand & interior concept for 
upstairs hotel.

there's a new
hotel in town.

In the summer of 2018, an exceptional hotel featuring a jet black façade and a powerful yellow 'U' as an iconic accent has opened near the beach in the heart of the 'Queen of the Seaside Resorts'. It offers a home to unconventional travellers, inspired by the bustling city that surrounds it. Welcome to Ostend, and welcome to Upstairs Hotel.

The holiday group C-Hotels created this new urban hotel concept at the end of an extensive creative branding process, with aspirations that went far beyond the development of the visual brand identity. The comprehensive renovation of the erstwhile Royal Astor Hotel immediately offered a sound starting point for the structural work of the brand.

The architecture, the interiors, the materials and styles used, were all subjected to the minutest evaluation before being selected, and were then transformed into one powerful, unified hotel concept. We took control of just about every touchpoint of the brand, with the result that the hotel guests are completely immersed in a unique urban getaway.

first, enjoy downstairs.

Behind the hotel's stately black façade lies a playful, urban world. An interior full of wood, metal, concrete, green accents and bold typography immediately surrounds you as you walk into the lobby. A rich diversity of natural materials that were hand-picked by skinn.

The ground floor was transformed into a cosy hub in the heart of the city. Hire a conference room, get down to business in a co-working spot, win a game of ping-pong, or relax in a lounge chair with a view of the exciting yellow slide, part of the old swimming pool which has been renovated into an exceptional presentation area. The interior concept and a variety of typeface designs are the foundation of the visual identity of the Upstairs Hotel. They will be found at every point of contact, from the design of each room, to the development of the website.

streetfood inspired kitchen concept.

In the bar & restaurant, globetrotters and local guests need not content themselves with mere traditional steak fries or tomate crevettes. The menu of the Upstairs Hotel fully reflects its distinctive character. A tasty soul food concept was created, based on street food from all over the world, carefully seasoned with a gastronomic touch from the chef.

it's time to
go upstairs.

The interior concept permeates each and every floor of the Upstairs Hotel. Its 96 renovated rooms makes it one of the largest hotels in Ostend. Thus it is hardly a coincidence that the rooms have been named after the different sizes of the Upstairs font: small, medium, large and extra-large. The characteristic visual style leaves its mark in every room. From the handmade neon-quotes to clothes hangers with cheerful greetings. Curious to know more? Let's meet Upstairs!