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SPOTTO - Branding

The smartest real estate platform.

A digital real estate platform that harnesses expertise and data to better help buyers find their dream home. Where sellers can get efficient, premium quality support. Data-driven. Everything obviously began with a well-thought-out strategy and a spot-on brand name.



The positioning of the brand was entirely sourced from collecting the right insights for buyers and sellers. Insights translated into a streamlined trajectory for real estate agents and customers. With a sympathetic and colourful touch all along the way.


A concept visualized throughout the branding, from the logo to the organic shapes. By combining form, colour, and the right messaging with visuals that put the audience itself centerstage, this is clearly a brand that pushes the boundaries of real estate.

Launching a brand like Spotto is not just a challenge to the outside world, but also to all stakeholders. Our strategic outcome created the right answers in order to make the brand stand strong in the current market. And that is what we were able to reinforce at the Spotto launch event, with the full story of the branding process.

SPOTTO - Branding