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    Buen Suceso, a mezcal from Oaxaca to Canada, Germany, Singapore & Switzerland by Futura
Mezcal Packaging

A picture full of noise, people, food and color, while friends and family exchange laughter and stories, with the only purpose to create new ones. Anything could be reason enough to come together, and each occasion is unique and special,that is what a great event, or a "Buen Suceso", represents for the mexican; and when it comes with a good mezcal, it becomes more memorable.

Mexicans' patriotism comes within their blood, even more when abroad. Buen Suceso expects to take a little piece of Oaxaca to far away lands. Share the tradition, folklore, and the extraordinary taste of a great mezcal; becoming the perfect guest for the perfect event.

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Photos by Caroga.
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