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Noordhoff Zorg proposition

Noordhoff Zorg proposition and communication style.
The transition from Noordhoff Professional to Noordhoff Zorg marks an opportunity to reinvigorate and strengthen the brand right from the outset. This shift is particularly significant amidst the current challenges facing healthcare, including heightened workloads, staffing shortages, an aging population, workforce turnover, and the increasing demand for personalized learning approaches. In this context, the role of Noordhoff Zorg is paramount in providing essential training and development for healthcare professionals, thereby enhancing the quality of care provided.​​​​​​​

Just because Noordhoff Zorg is so deeply rooted in healthcare, with numerous employees who come directly from healthcare, we can, better than anyone else, credibly and powerfully connect with healthcare professionals as a brand.
In communication, we should strive to connect on a soul level, resonate with the vision and experience of our clients, show that we are united with them on a higher level of solidarity, that we share experiences, and seek solutions with them that they need. This is not just thinking from a product standpoint, but from the heart.
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Demonstrate that we understand and empathize with healthcare professionals: their desires, their problems, their stress, their possible doubts. By recognizing and acknowledging healthcare professionals as beacons in the field, by making them feel that we are here for them, by offering and developing innovative products that prove it, and by thus (with them) enhancing the quality of care and making the work more enjoyable, Noordhoff Zorg will be embraced in their minds and hearts.​​​​​​​

Photography: Ronald Zijlstra
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Mission statement video with Noordhoff Zorg's own people 💚
Communicating the new name 

We want the name change from Noordhoff Professional to Noordhoff Zorg to not go unnoticed. Of course, because of the name change itself, people need to be aware. But perhaps even more so because it gives us the opportunity to refresh our presence, especially considering the fact that we are incorporating "Zorg" (care) into our name, to clarify our commitment to the healthcare sector. And because we can articulate what we aim to signify for healthcare in general, and healthcare workers in particular. We are here for the professionals.​​​​​​​ 
Ceo interview video with Patrick Hendriks
Dare to be the authority! 

Because that's what Noordhoff is. For 180 years already. We enable healthcare professionals to practice their profession well. Now and with an eye towards the future. The future of healthcare professionals themselves. But also the future of healthcare in general. We can be proud of all the (innovative) things we do and proudly talk about them. 'We speak Healthcare' We stand alongside healthcare professionals: 'We speak healthcare.' We understand their reality, their challenges, their motivations, their passion. So, we don't just focus on the 'hard' development of healthcare professionals, but also on their well-being. Therefore, we brainstorm, look at the needs ('What does a healthcare professional want?', 'What does a department really need?'), and innovate in finding solutions that truly benefit them. And thus benefit healthcare as a whole (big picture).
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Noordhoff Zorg proposition

Noordhoff Zorg proposition