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Net4kids rebranding

A future proof rebranding for Net4kids.

'Streetwise' is the word that is singing around at Net4kids. The word that reflects the general mood of 'where it has to go' with the identity, design, tone-of-voice and communication of Net4kids.

At Net4kids it is not so strange to call that word as a guiding principle. As long as we don't come close to hip hop and gangsta rap. Streetwise at Net4kids is just one street earlier to the left or right. We are still a bit corporate, we are undeniably BtoB, we hit a golf ball every year with our partners, friends and girlfriends, so we are not necessarily off the street. But in 2021 we can imagine and articulate what we do in a slightly lighter, more modern way.​​​​​​​

Photography by Caroline Reuver, Hugo Lingeman and Emile van de Klok
The old logo
The new logo

The old Net4kids logo, we said it before, clearly originated in the 2000s. It has something technical, a bit distant, it is very straight, little life. The 4 is tricky. And above all: it is not timeless. We looked at the logo with the briefing in hand and indeed: we couldn't help but change the logo

We thought: we are the perfect match for companies and children, we want to be lively, stimulating, contagious. The logo should 'touch' you, 'make sense', 'turn on', and give you the feeling of movement, of pleasure. Actually, the logo can dance a bit, and instead of hiding the 4, we say: the 4 is the axis that gives the movement, of the Net4kids. Finally, the logo may be bold, present, it may be there with conviction. The logo is proud, betrays decisiveness and gives pride.
New logo 
'The next generation foundation' is the pay-off. We give the stage by letting it run along with the logo.
Why not just corporate tight underneath? We want to make the Schwung feel, of a foundation in motion.
We are not something static, not mature, but push boundaries with our guts. And er, round is feminine, caring, loving, involved.
A new palette of corporate colors

We have kept the current purple and yellow color, only slightly enhanced in color.
We have also added a number of primary colors to the pallet. Now there is a combination of colors with which we can stand out.
New color palette 
Sticker elements

Where is the hand of the old logo? Well look, the hand gets a prominent place.
It is part of what we now call 'elements', we could also call it 'stickers'.

With the elements we give our expressions playfulness, it makes expressions colourful, it stimulates, and important: they serve as 'signal triggers'. They draw your eye to the utterance. Although the hand has disappeared from the logo, it has perhaps now acquired an even more important role, it literally connects. The viewer with the expression and thus the viewer with Net4kids.

Now that the whole has unfolded, you also see that we apply a 'modular identity'. So it means that we can play with many elements, each time slightly different, so that it is continuously in motion, never bored, never the same, constantly attracting. And, but: very consistent from one thought.
Stickers to be used in the communication
Stickers variations
Business cards
Communication style

We want to be a bit bolder in our communication. Less neat and modest, more to-the-point, a little more bravado, self-assured. "We're on a mission, we know what we want, and we want you to join in," that feeling. Is there room for humor? Yes, they won't be thigh chatters, but they will certainly sometimes tempt you to smile.

We prefer our headings in colloquial language (streetwise), so not too official, not corporate, but personal, close, 1 on 1 (sometimes even literally if we address people directly). We wrote it before: we want to 'touch' people. Of course there are many manifestations of our communication. And we can also clearly define campaigns with the communication grid.

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Net4kids rebranding

Net4kids rebranding