Building the BDeals brand.
June, 2022

Two guys with an amazing idea came to us. With their business gifts they want to spread the wonderful stories of B Corp partners among the business community. They hope to inspire companies and above all to help them involve their relations in their journey to a better world. 

There was only one problem: their packaging, visual identity and brand ideas had not grown with their ambitions. We helped them on their way.
A briefing we love

We stand for our B Corp partners.

An important part of the briefing was the following: BDeals sells truly sustainable business gifts using only B Corp products. The focus should be on companies (B2B), with an interest in sustainability, but also wanting to treat your employees well, a happy working environment, etc. It is therefore broader than just sustainability in the sense of climate and CO2 savings.
New logo

Logo vehicle: It’s a B, it’s a heart, it’s a stuffed giftsock!

Green box packaging
The illustration pack: They tell us something about what we do it for and they stand out because of their cheerfulness.
Impact box packaging
Communication format
Event bag packaging
Mail box packaging
BDeals brand

BDeals brand