ComplianceWise. How to position a scale up as a mental market leader.​​​​​​​
2013, Three guys are sitting before us: 
“We just started a company: ComplianceWise.” 
“You know, compliance, Anti Money Laundering, Regulations..”
“No, actually we don’t.”

Now, it’s 2021. ComplianceWise is our client since their start. In the meantime it’s a serious scale up, frontrunner in Compliance software for banks and other financial institutions. You might think: compliance, that must be very boring. And to be honost: it is! But if you have watched ‘Breaking Bed’ on Netflix, or ‘Ozark’, or any other series or movie about ‘money laundering’, then you understand: this is serious. And that’s the fun.

How to position a fintech company that helps the financial world to comply easily with all the regulations? With Saas-products like ‘Transaction Monitoring’, ‘Delegation Monitoring’ and ‘Know Your Clients’.

Well, we thought: we have to stand out immediately, we have to be disruptive (but not childish) in this conservative, complex and technical financial world. So, from the start we position ComplianceWise as ‘corporate playful’, with a light tone of voice and a relaxed, simple and clear style. The writing, the visual style and videos must work together to deliver a straightforward, meaningful message.

ComplianceWise growed into a scale up, and In 2020 we thought it was time for a rebranding, the next step, a new phase. So an adapted corporate identity, but not detached from the past. Still bold, still playful, and always with a smile.
Here we are. We conquer the world. And that’s no surprise. Compliancewise’s software is more than a service to their clients: it’s software as a relief.

New logo + pay off
We created a visual style in cooperation with illustration artist Andrea Carrot 

And what does all this mean for the way we communicate? 
Our Smile;) campaign for the Delegation Monitoring solution. Slightly before we introduced the new identity and pay off.