A brand new identity for Female X Finance. A platform for female talent in the financial sector.​​​​​​​

An identity is never about design alone, it is not about design as a trick. A good identity has a soul, character, personality. And very important: its identity and its design should allow you to communicate with it, as powerfully as possible. Communication that revolves around, touches us, moves us, inspires and energises us.

For Female X Finance we stayed away from the banking suit and pumps, away from traditional, away from the nineties, and thus catapulted into the 2021s and beyond.

The style of Female X Finance had to have the feel of a modern media platform. A community of today, current, strong. The power of an active movement, with a hint of editorial intelligence. From now on, and therefore infectious, but rooted and therefore not detached from where we come from, the financial world.

The tone of voice of Female X Finance had to be decisive, intelligent, mature, feminine, and cheerful.

Pröpper&Garnaat developed the tone and style, the corporate identity and the platform.

Photography: Floor Boonstra
Corporate colors
Social grid example
IG Stories grid example
Female X Finance

Female X Finance