Our latest video - If you think about Revenue Growth Management, think Visualfabriq
Visualfabriq. From start up to Global player in less than six years.

In 2014 Visualfabriq was born. Two guys started this Fintech company to improve the Revenue Growth Management for CPG companies dramatically (CPG stands for consumer packaged goods).

Visualfabriq, a start up in a world full of big corporate vendors. How to position such a start up? How to make waves from the very first beginning? What we did: we positioned ourselves as the ‘Rebel with a cause’.

But you might then expect we would behave ourselves as cute and nitty gritty, like most of the start ups do. We did not: it’s our purpose to always behave as the mental market leader, even when you are very small as a company, your brand is big from the start. 
So, a rebel with a cause. In our campaigns and our tone of voice we directly fought the establishment, the legacy firms, the ancient solutions, the static advisors. Fortunately we could, because the solutions of Visualfabriq were (and are) so good, so smart, so fast, and well…so SAAS, representing the New World, making CPG companies fit for the future, with artificial intelligence, machine learning etcetera. Finally people in the CPG-business could really get the most out of it. Finally people could leave meetings with decisions taken, instead of even more questions than before. Finally, thus, people could really unleash their excellence. From the very start of Visualfabriq, well after a few intensive Brand-meetings, we use this claim ‘Unleash your Excellence’, the bare essence of what the solutions of Visualfabriq bring to the CPG world, back in 2014 and still in 2021.

Everything we do for Visualfabriq has intelligent power. It’s young at heart, but mature. It’s bold (yes that’s why we love Helvetica). It’s honest, right from the heart. It’s self assured, not arrogant, even sometimes a little funny. And very important: it’s not static. Through the years we tweaked our tone of voice, we tweaked our style. Step by step. The brand Visualfabriq is evolving, because the company is evolving. And man how has Visualfabriq evolved: in less than six years from a start up in the Netherlands to a global company, with offices through the world and on every continent. Visualfabriq works for the leading CPG companies in the world, is seen as frontrunner and best in class on almost every aspect of Revenue Growth Management, and yes that makes us, the marketing, brand and creative department of Visualfabriq also very proud. 

Where we are now? A global brand, that’s what you unmistakably feel when you see the new website (2021), but still you also will feel our rebellious mindset, 'we stay hungry’ that’s who we are, because we still are unyielding in our will to unleash the excellence of our clients, the users of our solutions. And still we fight against the status quo, with a very good reason: if you, as a CPG company, want to stay relevant in the near future, you have to dare to change today. Well, you see, even here we keep being passionate. Maybe that’s what we put in this brand and that is what people feel, and that is why it’s so successful: passion, not as a platitude like most of the time in advertising, but for real. 

The brand (book)

​​​​​​​Several videos we made during the years

Grown from humble beginnings into a globally recognized vendor, unleashing the excellence of brave heart clients. Join us on our exciting journey!

Camera: Cynthia van Elk
This video says it all. How to digitalize and optimize your Revenue Growth Management. Making you fit for the future. Starting with instant results today. 
Visualfabriq, AI Enhanced Revenue Management - Here for the change-makers, the CPG-companies striving for improvement, who want to excel in their own excellence.
Working from Everywhere - Remote working is the new 'normal' and while it was always key to our business, we have embraced it even further. We see this as a challenge to use our remote working experience and capabilities to collaborate better from anywhere, now and in the future.
If you think about Revenue Growth Management, Think Visualfabriq
A brand new website

The new website represents what we are today. A worldly look, adult, spacious, grand, but still young at heart, fresh, playful, and still a bit rebellious in tone, perhaps more than ever.

Development: Go2People Amsterdam

We are a Great Place To Work®
Visualfabriq has achieved the certificate a Great Place To Work® 2021. A few pages out of The Culture Audit we made.
Visualfabriq Culture Audit 2021