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Broodje Ben rebranding

Broodje Ben

"We are world famous in Utrecht, but want to have 200 Broodje Ben branches throughout the Netherlands within a few years. Can you help us?"​​​​​​​ Of course we are happy to help!

We wrote a proposition and developed a new pay-off and corporate identity at front, so that we could make a fresh start.​​​​​​​ And we said the following about the brand:

Broodje Ben is a hero. If you know Broodje Ben, then you are a fan.
It's that simple. And the great thing is: Sandwich Ben is just like the Elfstedentocht, or King's Day, or the Holland Heineken House at the Olympic Games.
Broodje Ben unites. Broodje Ben has the X factor, the gun factor.

Echt iedereen is fan.

You can go a long way with tasty sandwiches. In addition, the character of Broodje Ben helps. Broodje Ben is always in a good mood. Never grumpy. Always up for a laugh, a chat. Broodje Ben goes through life whistling.
That makes Broodje Ben sympathetic and innocent. This makes it very approachable and close. “Er zit geen kwaad bij,” they say in Brabant.
Broodje Ben is like the friends of Youp van 't Hek at the bar. If the friends down the line at the football. Like the girlfriends on the girlfriends weekend.
It is contagious: we know each other, we joke with each other, a poke here and there, we can handle that, together we make the best of it, that's how we do it.

Broodje Ben is such a friend. Infectious. And that's how we win people over.​​​​​​​

Photography: Cynthia van Elk
Broodje Ben rebranding

Broodje Ben rebranding