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    A collection of my obesity videos to help me figure out what the heck I am doing :)
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Now I am making videos to try to get out my message:
I lost 130 pounds by eating delicious, healthy food and exercising intensely. You can do it too!
I'm so far using fitinfun.com, Behance, Amazon and now You Tube to try to spread my message.
I am the artist of my own creation and my artistic ego cannot be injured by you or your reaction. I am on fire.
My hero William Hung inspires me always - no more so than when filming and posting videos.
If William had asked anyone - they would have told him not to audition for American Idol.  He did it anyway and became a success.
Like William, I have no professional training and I have no regrets at all. And Ricky Martin has a new fan. How did I miss him all these years? He's better in Spanish. I love how you can see William's inspiration here. It's time for a dancing break anyway - at least in California.
If you are obese, consider this my gift to you. This is one of the ways I work out today. I put on a video and dance around the room until I'm too tired or the song is over (or I replay the song). I try to involve my arms and legs, hold my abs firm and breathe. Sometimes I'm just dancing. You can too.
And so after that unrelated content that calmed me down, here we are at a collection of my first videos. I hope to convince others that a lifetime of miserable obesity is not their fate. I thought I would die obese and I used to obsess about it. Today I have many new, more interesting obsessions.
I have no fear of making these videos. I know I sound like the voice of doom. What better sound to scare away the evils of obesity and poor health? 
I don't think I need to star in these videos. They are for you; about you - the obese person making excuses and wondering if you will die even fatter than you are today. I remember that constant fear well.
I am not sure about the order of these vidoes or if I should add commentary. The only sure thing is that I am making more any trying to improve. 
Thank you for watching.  Sharon at fitinfun
I wrote the book on Obesity Excuses. Please click through on "buy this" to read Chapter One for free at Amazon. Please let me know what happens if you are in another country. I know you are all here from somewhere else. Can you get to my sales page from where you are?
At the end of my eBooks I write to my readers who made it to the end:
Thank you for making my childhood dream come true. 
At the end of my videos I shake my head and can't believe the luck that turned this obese writer, hiding in her room, into a filmaker with no ego. I couldn't begin to dream this dream when I was obese and I do sincerely thank you for watching.