Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide Book Trailers
This video is my attempt to be positive and happy for you. It gets darker down below. I hope you will please try this idea and make us both feel better. 
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I'm so excited to have these Book Trailers done and posted on Amazon. Please send your friends to either place with organic popcorn. I needed Book Trailers for Amazon and they are here:
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I like that those below are pink, so there's that.

The first trailer describes the benefits. The next two are why you should get going with it.

I want your input. Tell me which one is better or any change you would make to any of this work.  I hope they are effective and give hope to those who are obese and think they cannot change. I felt that way for years and now I am thin and healthy with no trouble staying here. 

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As always, my video inspiration is Casey Patrick Hart and his words are stolen here, RIP Casey, I couldn't do this without you.
Dry Skin Brushing, Sensory Processing Disorder and Obesity
I've had a breakthrough on these topics. Please give me your thoughts
Something we think we are doomed to and can't fix so we don't try. We try to hide instead. There's 200 million of you like I used to be. Some of you have to be readyto change. Why can't I find you?
Sensory Processing Disorder
A protective response to feeling so bad about ourselves. We make ourselves not look and that causes a lot of other problems. You are really not looking. It gets better once you do get going.
Dry Skin Brushing
Can be a way to approach your body and try to get used to what you have. At the same time, your skin will improve and you will feel better and start to lose weight. 
There's more fitinfun information about Sensory Processing Disorder here:
So much more....
Here's my letter to the bankers if you are interested.
This is what I used to be.
And this is what I am now.
Please look at my transformation.
Sharon French lost 130 pounds by eating delicious food and exercising intensely within her many limits. Sharon writes about the new life she got when she turned from obese to thin in her early fifties. What is it like when no one recognizes you? What is it like when you don’t recognize yourself? What is it like to have opportunities and abilities you never dreamed of  even as a child due to your poor health and obesity?
I turned into a new person like this.
You can do it too. 

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That was a fun 20 minutes. I hope you are fitting in fun as well and tell me how you do that. I want to hear from you.
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These Book Trailers One and Two are also posted on my Amazon Author page. i want people to watch them there but the placement is bad and no one sees them.
Are you concerned about toxins in your system and looking for an effective and inexpensive home remedy to feel better? Well, look no further.
Is your body your biggest regret? Are you afraid you will die a miserable obese death? Bust through your excuses and take charge of your life. You can do it if I did.
Do you need a boost? Anyone with sore tired feet who wants to feel better will benefit from the simple, relaxing and inexpensive strategies found here.
And here are some more videos I hope will motivate you!
Here is a link to a project about my friend Beth. She took just the same steps as me and it worked for her as well. We were both so pitiful. You can do it too:
And here is my friend Casey's work that inspires me. He went ahead and did this stuff as a kid and teen. He struggled with feeling he wasn't good enough all the time. I'm so glad he did not let that stop him.
Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide Book Trailers

Dry Skin Brushing Survival Guide Book Trailers

My book trailers came out of nowhere and everywhere one night

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