Coronado California Farmer's Market

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If you are local to Coronado, please come out to the Ferry Landing Marketplace each Tuesday from 2:30-6. Open year round, closed for bad weather. It's California! We don't go out in that mess here.
If you are from somewhere else, please enjoy the closest thing you have to this weekly event wherever you live.
Mary runs the show and sells the lemons and avocados I usually get. She has all different rotating stock throughout the year and it is always delicious.
Manager: Mary Hillebrecht 
Phone: (760) 741-3763
My Bike Parking is also where I buy my greens.
I hope you are noticing the view through my cluttered shot. I feel the most at ease back here.
I used to park here but it's too open.
This is a good shot to tell you that it is not crowded at all at the Coronado Farmer's Market. You will have time to talk to the vendors and get samples without being rushed.
I was trying to get a photo of a strangely growing corn cob. I think the glow speaks for itself. 
Laura's daughter only comes to the market when school is out.
Between the man, the dog and the cart, I cannot crop or ignore this dismal slanting photo of the San Diego Skyline from the Ferry Landing Parking lot. I feel like it is a self portrait.
The Pasha Hawaii going by on San Diego Bay. This trip is worth it just to see the traffic on the bay. How many boats, ships and helicopters do you see in your daily life? Here is a link to my extravaganza post about the view from here. Those photos are better than this one I believe:
Really? Are you afraid of the vegetables, Sharon? There could not be a worse photo of this delicious organic melon and squash. I know it's delicious because I eat the sample every time I go. It changes with the season and is always fabulous. Usualy i can not fit the produce here into my bike baskets. I need a big basket for the front and I am on the lookout for one.
I was going to post food shots - and I will - but what I have now is just terrible. It is on my list now to search through my 6000+ "food" keyworded photos on Lightroom and find all the shots of the food from this market. 
Now you have proof I am messy and that I was obese.
Who else has 6000 photos of food that they can't search easily? This is the very description of obesity. I'll go look at my food photos with a different eye and see what happens...
Everything at this stand is heaven. It is all for sample and impossible to choose each week. Back in the day I could spend $60 here alone in twelve square feet - no trouble. The variety, aroma, samples and niceness factor all combine to make this a good corner of the market. This booth is on my list of top food places in my life.
These are there for just a couple of weeks in August
Mark your calendar and bring money. My son says every year that he has never tasted any better food in his life than these grapes. Except for the figs from winter and the cherries from spring and, and, and......
Believe me - these grapes are outstanding.
When the apples are there, it is a good day. They are not there at certain times of year.
These almonds are a main protein source for me. I used them on my successful loss of 130 pounds:
When the vendor is excited to yell out "We have a new crop today!" you know they care about what they brought to sell.
Almonds are one of the foods ruined for us in the American supermarket now. I read some stuff on the internet and asked about it here. The almond vendors show faces of grief over the new rules that apply to almonds sold to stores now. They hate these new steps required to sell precious almonds that are now made bad by government rules.
If you are not getting your almonds direct from the farmer in America now, just forget about trying to consume them. Save your money and buy something healthy instead. I haven't written on the "new rules for almonds" topic yet, so you have to look it up. Prepare for bad news.
But here at the Farmer's Market, you are safe, with your inexpensive, healthy almonds. Try the samples for the various flavors. I buy the raw for the nutrition.boost, but the flavored are very delicious and I sample some every time I go.
Darrin is a Coronado boy and will give you a lot of almond information.
Here are his pictures of the farm in different seasons. He grew up working there and now he does the sales to Markets.
Bees for rent to the grove. We need our bees, folks. (My foot for the fetish people.)
Spring Almond Flowers
Brids maybe. I will ask.
This green rind
Splits open as they ripen.
(Darrin in The Grove)
Later the rinds get swept up from the grove and turned into an ingedient in organic feed for animals.
Here is the site for this farm and more almond information:
Now we are at the best organic cheese I can find in Coronado. (Tell me what I am missing if you know something please). I am a cheese-a-holic!
Laura from the greens and Rachel were kind enough to let me play with my settings while they traded food. Are you kidding me? Where is that tall, single farmer who needs to come sweep me off my feet?
Rachel is my therapist when she has a minute. Talk to her about health and you can skip your next doctor's appointment. She is healthier than you.
The Diary is in Petaluma, CA:
They give tours. Please let me know how it is if you go. The photos online look fabulous.
This cheese setup always has nice ways to eat the cheese so you will be inspired. I love the goat cheese, but it is expensive and small. My son could eat 
Before I got any when he was a teen. One grilled cheese sandwich and that was it! No more goat cheese until I decide to try again...
Q: Are those your actual cows?
A: Of course. I would not have pictures of other people's cows.
A: Those are not our cows. Those are our neighbor's cows but they are in our field.
A: That's our cow.
This lovely lady's name is France. My last name is "French" so I feel a kinship. 
I love these oranges and when I run out I make sure to get to the next Farmer's Market. This deal on delicious nutrtion is a basis of my eating. If you watch my food videos on You Tube, you will see oranges in almost every meal.
France wonders why I have to stand ten feet away to take photos of the oranges I buy every time I come. I'm trying! At least I am taking photos at all now.
The potatoes are amazing if you have never had this kind of quality. Try them for your own benefit.Potatoes are one of the "Dirty Dozen" that you need to buy organic. Really:
Very few kids attend this market. I hope to see more. It's a little break in their normal life to come and run around here.
Stop here for a quick drink if you rode your bike. Larger sizes can go home, but I usually stay with the whole fruit. I gulp down the whole little container in 60 seconds or less and it is the best drink ever after my bike ride to get here.
These are the healthiest plants and hebs on the island as far as I know.
I wish my photos showed you the vibrance better. This lady was overjoyed with the beautiful assortment of plants and was ooh-ing and awe-ing the whole time I took these photos. That's why I'm over here so I don't  - something - I don't know - I just stay over here. Whew! That was a close one, Sharon.

This project brings together everything in my life:
Healthy eating
Staying on a budget with my food money
Getting out in the world in my new, thin body
Exercising intensely within my limitations
Photography - Improving my technique with the camera and with processing

Commercial Freelance Work - Promoting others in my town so they make more sales

Americana - Showing my slice of Southern California to the world

Obesity - Encouraging others to get out there and try to be thin, athletic and healthy like I am
I hope you like it for any of those reasons
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Coronado California Farmer's Market

Coronado California Farmer's Market

Visit the Coronado Farmers Market and be inspired to visit your own local market.