Here's the story of the first place I stayed after being evicted from my apartment in December 2013. Coronado, CA
Now it is June 2014 and I am still on the move. I'm looking for my 5th place now. Here's the link to the next home I seek.
I am grateful for the generosity of the 99%. You always prove that my faith in humaity is justified. This time has been the most amazing to see how other people are getting along and trying to stay healthy and most importantly, helping others. I have learned so much from each one of them. I hope you'll be next. 
Back to December 2013 : 
I didn't have a camera or a computer when we first got here. It ended up that my personal stuff was thrown behind everything else which was all our stuff thrown in boxes and dragged over here in the middle of the night. 
I found art supplies and I drew what I saw for a week or so. I''m not talented in that way, but I did it anyway.
This is one tiny corner of the kitchen I'm in. The food here is like mine is except way more of it and better. I'm so stunned. This is a photo of just one corner of a large kitchen. You see bananas, avocados, oranges, potatoes, different potatoes, tomatoes, lemons, way more oranges and many other items I did not draw under all this. You are only seeing a small portion of the bananas.
It has been shockingly wonderful to eat and cook here. I mingled in the stuff she would like of my old kitchen stuff and we are very similar.
I've learned a lot from these vegan raw food juicers and you will too as soon as I write it up and link to it. We are on the same page for organic food and products, so it was a relief to both of us not to have to explain our "weird" healthy food to each other except for those few products we don't share. Now I have new items to eat in this healthy life, so what a bonus.
I've been helping to cook since some people here like food that is well as raw food. So that has been fun. The 14 year old of the house turns out to have a talent for cooking and has taken to my style and ideas, I know he will be able to carry on from here. 
That's him entertaining his baby sister next to the Christmas tree.
I am so grateful to have spent the holiday' with this laid back and hard-working family. Nothing phases anyone and there are two tiny children underneath and above it all; setting the schedule. With two parents who work at home with flexible hours - this is a child's paradise. Lots of attention from your parents and siblings. How wonderful and different than my single parenthood was.
Orange Avenue Christmas Lights
I've been exercising and taking care of myself and sorting through all the junk I brought over here.
I think I prefer to hear every sound quieter. I would pay $5 if I had it.
You can see my Rheumatoid Arthritis is acting up on my right foot, but generally, I am still healthy and still at my weight and still working to reach others who think they are doomed to obesity like  used to be.
Police Station Parking. No one is there. Coronado California
I have many photos of this railing now. Geometry!
Alley Recycling, Coronado CA
Just like the old alley.
I never thought I would still be here in this town after I was evicted, but this family took us in based on my Facebook call for people to come and get the stuff I wasn't taking, I'd rather have it go to others than to be stored for no reason and then thrown in the trash.
The lady of the house read my Facebook post and couldn't stand the idea of my son and I being out for the holidays and offered this time - blocks from where I was - short blocks. her husband's like, "Fine." He's military and flexible. 
We agreed at 10 PM that we would spend the next hours shuttling stuff over until 6 AM when the eviction time was up. My son's friends and another helper who came from Facebook drove us back and forth quite a number of times. That other helper took the books she could fit in the last load for the Friends of the Coronado Library and I was very happy for that to happen. We had a lot of books.
We brought more stuff that would have otherwise been left just so I could give it to this generous family. My son's toys were taken by people glad to have them so we are all happy about that.
Holiday decorations on the porch Coronado, CA
I'm still biking to the library. My exercise has gotten better here and I have no edema which is a blessing.
The nutrtious food has helped me so much. I feel like I'm in an organic wonderland. The stress-free lifestyle has been a baum to my soul.
Amazing Light Coronado, CA
This is what we left
Moonset 5:45 AM December 19, 2013 Coronado CA
My last sight while leaving home for a Christmas with children.
Can you believe that people want to lend me money? I have written offers of loans! I just ask them to please buy and promote my books or donate, but they don't want to do that. I say, "My book is $2.99. It will help me if you buy it." Most people say no. Life is a conundrum sometimes.
I have a good attitude and good health so I know I will succeed in reaching enough people to make a difference sometime. I hope it is sooner than later. As much as I need help - so do the 68% of overweight and obese Americans I strive to reach. 
Home is Where the Heart is Coronado CA
This was my view as I slept for the first week. It's a rack of a mess and a jumble.I was so overwhelmingly happy to be here I can not even describe the feeling to you. I just staggered into a great kitchen and cooked whenever I felt up to it and played with the kids to keep them occupied and the bigger people ate my food when they didn't have a baby on them.This family is very welcoming at all ages - 40's, 30's, teens. two's, and months. I've bonded with the two year old and I can make the baby laugh 90 percent of the time she sees me. She is delighted by everything, that little girl.
Sharon After Magritte, Coronado, CA
Yes, I still feel that I can tell this message of hope. You do not have ot be obese and sick. I am "half my size" for two and a half years now and I would not trade this good health for all the financial security in the world. That life of miserable illness was so much worse than my healthy and happy and more uncertain days now. 
It was our hallway, Coronado CA
The story of the next place is really close to my heart.
I met wonderful people I helped who helped me too. They had a relative needing end of life care and I'm glad to say I was the caregiver. I wrote about my first hospice experience
Please join me anywhere to see if I land softly next time, which will be in mid-June 2014. So far, I do not know where that landing will be, but I plan to fit in fun where ever it is. Stay tuned!. 

I hope you are fitting in fun as well and tell me how you do that. I want to hear from you.
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I'm so grateful for your visit and interest in my story I especially appreciate any sharing of any of my work which is not about this temporary mess. I'm still working today, polishing my next eBook "30 Days to Dry Skin Brushing" which is coming very soon.
I hope you are also accomplishing your goals on this Saturday, January 4 2014, Even though I'm not sure where I will be in the next days, I take care of my health and perservere with gratitude for my luck.. I hope you are doing the same.
None of us do know what tomorrow will bring so be sure to fitinfun no matter what you are doing.
Port in the Storm

Port in the Storm

I believe in the 99 percent for a reason. This gracious family proves me right again. They've asked for anonymity.