I Have Loose Skin on My Feet eBook Promotion
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My first attempt at a Commercial for "I Have Loose Skin on My Feet"
This Photo is Number One on the Internet for the Google search term "cute purple toes". I'm very proud of that honor too. The day I found out two years ago that I was Number One for my toes was a very loud day around here. I have been on it ever since. Fans are fans and you all seem pretty nice so far. 
I win against seven million other not-as-cute purple toes, thanks to you.
Foot Stretching at Coronado Community Pool
I pay more attention to my feet now just for The Internet. I need traffic to be successful, so that's what I seek. If my feet are winners - so be it. They now have value beyond my other body parts.
Here's me washing my feet for You Tube. I'm so shocked and proud of this work. I got someone on LinkedIn to email me and say how good they were. I can't believe this but please take a look. You need to relax, I'm sure.
This video is part of myTh playlist about feet.This video is part of my playlist about feet.
This video is part of my playlist about feet.
It made me start photographing my feet. I don't judge the cuteness. The Internet has that job.
I'm at the pool stretching before swimming because I'm not obese anymore. Please pass my easy, cheap and radical methods on to your mom if she's obese and you worry about her like my son used to do about me. Here are the steps I yook to finally get thin.
Feet are popular. People have fetishes.
My feet have loose skin on them since I lost 130 pounds a few years ago.You can't see it here too well.
It's loose on the bottom and makes me wobble. I fall a lot and I'm injured all the time no matter what. I'm one of those people. I dropped my bike on my foot for this injury though.
I have a lot of wiitng about how to continue when you are in pain and suffering. I do that trick EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life. So if I can be thin and athletic now - anyone can be.
It turns out that all the loose skin under my feet was making me unstable anough to fall.
Plus that skin was old and gross anyway
Here's what I used to look like in case you don't believe me:
So I blogged about it at fitinfun.com
People read about loose foot skin a lot as they were also read anything I write or post about my feet.
This is Dead Sea Salt; one of the things I use to help my feet.
Action Shot with Chest Cam
The light is catching on the granules. I'm going to go re-process this photo to see if I can bring the dead sea salt crystals out more.
I'm the number one viewed San Diego Writer and Photographer here on Behance. I'm chasing WordPress for Web Development, which makes me laugh. I am the worst at this. I just picked it because it seemed to be what I am trying to do:
Develop the web into healthier people like me.
People like to read a lot about this foot soak as well:
Coronado Community Pool Cold Feet Stretching 11/30/12 4:30 pm. It was seriously cold that afternoon. The wind was coming fast from the ocean and over to the Bayside. It is very open to the elements at my California Comminuty Pool.
I try to take photos of my feet now whenever I think of it.
You might not be able to tell, but I am flexing my toes backwards here. My underwater swimming means my feet cramp as I swim like a walrus down there. I have a whole routine of foot stretching at the pool.
Here's my swimming playlist on You Tube
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I Have Loose Skin on My Feet eBook Promotion

I Have Loose Skin on My Feet eBook Promotion

I Have Loose Skin on My Feet is a marketing opportunity for me as well as a health concern. Will I succeed on both fronts?