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Beth Donovan is Weight Loss Coaching now. If you are obese and desperate; just go to Beth's site and skip this part for now:
If you are obese but hiding your deperation as I used to - keep reading here.
I made these videos to try to reach you if you are obese. I'm having a meltdown these days about you:
I'm writing crazy pleas to you and I can't even go near you in person because you are all I think about and I don't know what you are doing that is more important than trying to get a grip on your gigantic, unhealthy, uncomfortable obesity.
My Friend Beth Donovan ~Indygirl from Spark People has been my weight loss hero since I got to Spark People on October 10, 2007. Beth is nothing like me and will envelop you in encouragement after my little run of terror is done. 
Beth was a famous superstar on Spark when I got there; having lost over 100 pounds. Instead of posting about herself and her struggles - Beth's posts have always been about encouraging the rest of us.  I learned so much from Beth in those first weeks and months and of course I have followed her story ever since.
Never, could I have dreamed this moment back in 2007. I didn't believe in myself at all.
When I used to read Beth's posts and look at her story and be inspired. I would think that maybe I – the lowly Sharon – could lose weight too – just like Beth was doing. Beth had already lost as much as I needed to lose in total. She weighed a lot more than me still. She still had much more than 100 pounds to go. Yet here was Beth - encouraging all the rest of us.
Any now here we are - two of the most miserable fat people in the world, both of us so sick and near death - now alive and healthy and trying to help you to get where we are. The fact that Beth read a post about herself on my website and contacted me is a dream (I couldn't dream) come true.
"Beth is the prettiest one on the page." If that doesn't make you cry, I don't know what will. 
I will soon have the specific links mentioned in the videos down here. Here is a start:
Visit Beth for Personal Weight Loss Coaching if you have any sense at all http://heartnsoulfit.com/
Visit fitinfun.com for my obesity stories if you need to be more upset before you can help yourself.  You can read all my near-death obesity stories and how I finally got out of it.  http://www.fitinfun.com/obesity-article-summary-for-fitinfun-com/
Please do one or the other today. What are you waiting for?
I have 400 posts on my website. I'm only losing it about obesity in about five of them so far. Most of them tell you what I did to get so thin and pleasant. Please take a look at what I write about here:
The short summary is that my whole life is new to me. The only thing the same as it used to be is my smile and my hair. I wouldn't trade this excitement in the middle of my life for anything.
The junk in the visual of the last videos is related to my Yard Sales antics
and my foot soaking adventures
Much more to come on both topics.
These videos are very dificult for me to create regardless of how fun they are. I have no editor or producer on site or anywhere. I am doing this out of my head. When I save this project to my portfolio I get to call my category "Film". Like Martin Scorsese does. Seriously, I now feel a kinship with Woody Allen. Do you know how long it took me to claim Camille Pissarro as my inspiration and hero? Years!
Now look at me. It takes nothing for me to be proud of myself. 
I can be proud for the first time in my life because I am not obese while having this accomplishment. It's only been two years since I was able to say that. I am 53 years old. How old are you going to be when you finally stop making excuses for yourself? It will take a few years after your decision to get to your goal wieght and then go through the craziness of not recognizing yourself and being scared and having men talk to you on the street for the first time ever.
Then - who knows what is next. Do you think I could have predicted what I turned into?
I look at these movies with more pride than anything I have done in years. I get to become the creator of a world -even more than with with my writing and photography. I never even had this dream - never. I only started doing movies for you - to try to reach you. Look at my obesity video set, especially if you have kids who pray every night for you to be thin and healthy.
These are the movies that I will improve from and I could not be happier. The Fat Lady in Accounting I used to be would never believe this:
Thank you Behance for such a wonderful platform for this message.
Thank you viewer for taking one step of action today. Please don't be the lady with no pictures. Contact Beth today and help yourself in ways you will never believe.
Beth Donovan HeartnSoulFit ~Indygirl at Spark People 
and don't make me come after you again.
Visit Beth for Personal Weight Loss Coaching http://heartnsoulfit.com/
Visit fitinfun.com for my obesity stories: http://www.fitinfun.com/obesity-article-summary-for-fitinfun-com/
Please do one or the other today. What are you waiting for?
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HeartnSoulFit Beth Donovan ~Indygirl at Sparkpeople

HeartnSoulFit Beth Donovan ~Indygirl at Sparkpeople

HeartnSoulFit.com is Beth Donovan - Indygirl at Spark. Take inspiration that you can change your obesity into health - and only you.

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