I am a Work in Process
I wrote the book on obesity excuses because I am so mad that it was ME who kept me fat. Now that I believe in myself, I don't let excuses stand in my way. You can do this too.
None of this would be possible if I still weighed 275 pounds. Visit fitinfun.com to find out how cheap and simple it is to be healthy and happy like me.
What I used to be - San Clemente Island, California
I made the flight to the island a few times while working for the US Navy as a contractor. That was a hard trip - too hard for fat people. Without the physical assistance of many US Navy personnel, I could not have even boarded the little plane that runs out to the island. Those kind and polite military folks pushed me up the steps and through the door. On the way out - two of them held my hands on each side while I staggered down the tiny steps that fold out of the plane to the tarmac. 
I got this treatment each of the times I boarded that tiny plane. It is so small that they weigh you and your luggage for the safety of the flight. 
I have a long list of kind actions from Navy personnel. I was usually the only obese person for miles around as the Navy has standards that to not apply to civilians like me.
My Son Getting an Award for being a role model.
Can you believe I thought that suit was slimming? You are seeing me at my heaviest in this photo - I think.
I remember the tiny chairs in this room, and almost nothing of the ceremony.
Driving to the Beach with my Purse - Coronado Shores California
This was my profile photo on Spark People for a long time. I thought it was my best because of the pink and my smile. 
Spark People is free and it is where you need to be when you are losing weight. I joined in October 2007 and got to my goal weight in October 2011 - 4 years and 130 pounds later. 
I thought I would die huge and unhealthy like this. I used to think about it all the time. Someone would find me dead and only think, "Look how fat that dead lady is."
Miserable at Coronado Beach
I remember that over-stuffed, fat feeling of not being able to walk or bend or stretch or breathe. 
But then a miracle occured
I got healthy
He's bigger than me now, not just taller - and so grateful that his mother is now thin:
I look like a funny crazy lady when I swim.
But I can swim the Butterfly Stroke like a pro (sort of)
I walk on the beach dunes without exhaustion
I feel like an alien in this new body.
I promised to never complain if I ever got thin and then I broke my promise.
The only things about me that still look like me are my hair and my smile. It scares me to be a new person and I try to push through it every day.
Everything inside has changed as well. I'm not the "Fat Lady in Accounting" as I was for all of my adult life until now.
Today I am learning what it is like to be thin, attractive and healthy.
I started daily, constant photography as a way to get my terrified self out of the house and learn to be the new me.
It's turned into more than that.
And now I look cute in a bike helmet.
And I'm not too scared to ride a bike.
Today I fall off this bike 10-20 times a week in often spectacular fashion. It's yet another thing I'm working on.
Losing 130 pounds was the easy part. Please visit fitinfun.com to find out for yourself how simple and cheap it is to lose weight naturally. Everything is better now that I am thin. 
= =
And I will be so grateful if you follow my much more interesting life now that I am "Half My Size." Your visit means everything to me. Your support and sharing helps me continue to fight obesity and spread my message of hope to those who think they will never lose weight.
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I am a Work in Process

I am a Work in Process

It's something I'm working on