Foot Soak Illustration
This foot soak tutorial goes along with my eBook, I Have Loose Skin on My Feet. 
You do not need to have loose foot skin to benefit from this soak. If you have feet, you will benefit.
This is Dead Sea Salt and it goes along with how I was soaking my feet in the Fall of 2012
I was using this glass bowl and just soaking the corner of my foot that was injured.
Not restful at all.
Does this seem like a good idea? No.
I can only soak one part of one foot and I'm working on the table up above.
Everythig is bad about this idea except for the Dead Sea Salt which I highly recommend.
A foot soak should be soothing at least!
So here is what I do now.
I have a basin that fits both feet. I wish it was anything but plastic however I am making do.
The brush by my feet is plastic and stiff. I use it around my nails and on the bottoms of my feet later.
The other brush is a Dry Skin Brush. I have a lot of writing and videos on that topic. I use Dry Skin Brushing to remove toxins from my body. I had some idea I would do it before this foot soak, but I was not so ambitious on this night.
I have small wash clothes to scrub my feet with and larger towels to dry them with.
Here's the whole setup. Black fluffy socks for when I am done. All the products I use are in the background
Please visit my Amazon Store to see the various products I use and some of my thoughts about pricing, alternatives, hot to use and where I think you can get the best deal when you buy them.  I've got a number of sections to look at since I made a lot of changes when I lost "half my size". My whole life is new now and that goes for the products I use as well as everything else.
Her's most of it. I use approximately:
One-Half Cup each of Epsom Salt, Baking Soda and Magnesium.
Some drops of GSE
A teaspoon of Borax
All that goes into water as hot as I can stand that won't melt the plastic. 
Do NOT pour bioling water into a plastic tub. You need to put some cool water in there first or you will have a melted tub and the whole day will change for the worse.
I use distilled water for this event because I don't want to saok in San Diego's Fluoride-filled and chemical-laden stew. 
Action shots with baking soda
I'm using my little camera tripod between my knees here.
I'm teaching myself photography and video production among other things. I might be a little bit unconventional.
This is a really bad photo of magnesium crystals. This is what happens to them if you leave the bag open in the humid bathroom. They are supposed to be loose flakes. From what i can tell, the quality is not damaged, just the flakiness. 
These bottles look awful because I'm always touching them with goopy hands.
On the left is eggshells soaking in vinegar. I pour some of this liquid in the water after I put my feet in. It is supposed to neutralize fluoride.
I use the ACV later on. After my feet are in the water, I pour a bit of it in there, and the water bubbles like a science project. I feel that is an excellent benefit and it makes me feel that everything is working better. (This is the accountant in me; speaking with optimism).
The clay liquid is homemade in this bottle I just mix any of my many powdered clays with distilled water and end up with this goop shown below:
I massage this into my feet before they go in the water. I make sure to get it all over my skin especially around my toes.
Goopy feet and hot water are trying to meet up.
Ahhhh. You should be doing this now. My whole body relaxes.
Ten minutes later. I think that effluent came out of my body. It's not the clay - of that I am sure due to my experiment that I am not picturing here.
You missed the part where I used the cloths to scrub at my feet. And I used the ACV with baking soda and scrubed my toes with the stiff brush. That combination foams up and feels like something I cannot describe. Photos were impossible for me at that moment.
Dump this gross water in the tub or toilet and rinse the basin STAT. It smalls awful and you should get rid of it as soon as you can.
This used foot soak water will kills weeds. Do not pour it on plants you hope to grow.
I know this for a fact.
I'm spraying the magnesium oil on my feet first.
Then I mix iodine and coconut oil in my hand and rub it into each foot.
Halfway done and one fluffy sock is on. you can still see the dark scar from three months ago when I dropped the bike on my right foot.
After that. my nose was running, my ears popped and I got dizzy. Now I'm lying on my bed with my feet up on the wall.
Fabulous aura shot.
If I had my act together, I would have been all set up to go to sleep. I could have fallen asleep immediately and I have done that in the past. I was doing these photographs for you, so I got up after about ten minutes of relaxing like this.
I hope you will try this foot soak and let me know what you think. I'm pretty sure you will like it and I know your feet will like it and feel much better than they do now.
These photos illustrate the process described in my eBook, "I Have Loose Skin on My Feet." Amazon eBooks do not like to have  photos in them. People who try to illustrate their eBooks have forums about the difficulties of getting the photos and illustrations to show nicely on the Kindle Cloud Reader. I am not advanced enough to learn something else when I have this wonderful and easy Behance photo site ready to use.
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Foot Soak Illustration

Foot Soak Illustration

Use these ideas to soak your own feet. Everything in your entire life will be better when you are done.