Coronado Farmer's Market Food and More
First I posted the View from the Coronado Farmer's Market
Then I posted some of the scene when you get there
Now I'm posting some of the food and wares you can buy and I got a little bit closer to everrything this time.
I hope you will join me on Tuesday's from 2:30 - 6.
The market is in the Il Fiornaio Parking Lot at the Coronado Ferry Landing. Use the entrance by the Coronado Animal Shelter and go to the end of that driveway. turn right and you will see the market ahead to the right.
Delicious food, wonderful people and a lovely view. It is well worth your time, money and effort.
Bring your kids to meet actual farmers and to have a nice break in the week.
Here are a couple of my hauls of the last two years. I miss this food when I see the photos of it and wish it was here now.
The Coronado Farmer's Market is a "Certified Organic" Market. That means everything sold there is organic and is grown by the vendor. We do not have cooked foods or crafts. This market is to support small farms.
Washing my greens in baking soda and distilled water.
Lovely and clean. Ready to chop.
And now they are drying. Greens are one of my main foods now. The obese lady I used to be would never believe this in a million years or a hundred pounds.
A big lemon, avocados and more lemons
The best eggs ever laid. I mean it. I am a big fan of these eggs.
I don't know why I took this shot but I like it. These dates are not always there and they are very worth grabbing when you see them. I think this basket was $3 and I eat a few every day until they are gone. If you put them inthe freezer they are candy. This advice goes for all dates.
Those little purple onions were amazing! The apple bag was $5.
Another Tuesday haul. This was $32. Peaches and nectarines are expensive. Almonds are $10 or $12. I still have some of that dill dried and frozen. I'll use it in onions, artichokes and pasta tomorrow now that I thought of it.
Oh, this makes me feel starving for Tuesday to come.
The green oranges are sweeter despite what you might think.
They last me a week or two in the fridge drawer. This is a good three dollars spent.
More baking soda. Do it once and you will never skip it again. Here's more about my use of cafeteria lady gloves for protection from everything.
Limes for very cheap. I'm sorry i can't remember how much...
Same with the persimmons which are absolutely amazing. You will love these fall fruits and the pomagranates on the right.
I buy my raw honey and bee pollen here. It's the closest I know of to my home. Local bee products are supposed to help allergies and they taste wonderful, so I'm in!
Yes, I buy these eggs every time I go. This is the very plesant Rosendo who is used to us egg people.
Delicious oranges on sample
And another ship view. What is the view from your Farmer's Market?
The Ferry Landing Marketplace is used for the Coronado Farmer's Market because it has parking and restrooms in that location. There is no other suitable place in town. I'm pretty happy with this spot. It is about a 15 minute bike ride from my house. 
My flower photgraphy is developing...
Here's Albert the flower man looking at my first Coronado Farmer's Market portfolios on his phone and saying he liked them. Of course I need a photo of that!
Albert is a much better photographer than me and he posts photos on Facebook of all of his gorgeous views as he drives all over Southern California at different markets and the people he sees. I'm trying to get him on Behance and soon I will succeed! If you talk to him you can join him on Facebook now...
This is made by the Spring Hill Cheese folks. I believe it is an addictive substance, so be careful. I've only had the butter and it was gone in an hour and I don't care how much it cost - it was worth it.
Everyone is packing to leave.
Matt is putting the plants away. I arrived too late on this day.
My true love!
A new vendor! But I was too late...
These are apple varieties you will generally not find in the grocery store. the samples will put you over the moon.
This big white thing in the far corner of the lot is one of the reasons I sold my car.
Yes, I hit it. I still don't know how, but it was the only dent in that car. I'm glad it's gone.
= =
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I am so grateful for your support. 
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Coronado Farmer's Market Food and More

Coronado Farmer's Market Food and More

The Coronado Farmer's Market with a focus on the food for sale.