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Established in 2019, WAX SURF is a lifestyle brand based in Mati, Davao. Offering organic surfing wax for boards and versatile apparel, it sets out to pay homage to not only the surfers of the South, but for the ones who hear the call of adventure.

To reflect the spirit of the people, the moving brand identity paddled out before us was their grit and raw dedication against the beauty of beaches. There are “no bad days,” as the logo of a wave against the sun portrays. The dominant color palette include three: Vermillion, when the sun is at its reddest before setting; Blue Lagoon, the shade of the water where land meets ocean; and Sidecar, the soft tan of the sands. With fonts Future, Unica One, and Roboto Mono at the forefront, we wish to keep true to the clear, current, and playful side of euphoric surfers.

Many other reiterations of the island scenery arise in brand application. Black and white photos of the coast, or the hero colors almost gleaming like neon with a layer of grain making the image feel nostalgic. Textures appear on cards to make them seem damp, a reality of the regular surfer. Transcending the everyday needs of the sport, the brand – and its design – ride the tides of creativity, the pursuit of passion, and its loving community.

Visual Identity
Art Direction
Brand Application