Pathway Technologies

Pathway Technologies

As an emerging distribution company in the construction industry, Pathway Technologies is introducing its innovative, earth-based materials to the market. With sand and gravel being the second most extracted substance next to water, their product is a cost-effective alternative that lessens carbon footprint and overall project time to complete — an advantageous solution for both business and the environment.

To propel this forward, we designed a brand identity that embodies Pathway’s values and paves the way to their vision of low-cost housing and construction. The logo is composed of three main elements: the rectangle serves as the base symbolizing the strong foundation inherent in Pathway; the leaf signifies their mission to supply greener, cost-efficient resources, benefitting both the industry and the environment; lastly, the dashed line passing through the leaf paints the imagery of a road, associated to construction. With these elements combined, the logo illustrates a route to a greener tomorrow.

Verbal + Visual Identity
Brand Application

The color palette is inspired by the neutral tones of earth and greenery. The choice of font is clean and simple, focusing on legibility to make way for the brand’s message. Combined, the straightforward visuals come together to communicate their unique expertise, a pathway progressing towards an environmentally innovative future.

Pathway Technologies