Sketch Collective


Sketch Collective

Great design isn’t just what looks cool, it’s calculated and curious, with just a dash of daring. That’s what the Sketch Collective brings to the table. A creative powerhouse that composes fresh ideas from collaborative spirits, they are a production house specializing in design and production for a variety of events and endeavors from startups to established corporations.

What was once a small brand that started with invitations and souvenirs for weddings and corporate events, the concept-driven production house grew its client base in only a few years. To emulate who they are of “where bright ideas come to life,” their logo features a creative font style full of personality, contained inside a light bulb that ends as a pencil – simple, quirky, and forward-thinking. For logo application, it’s always a balance of their blue and cream colors, reminiscent of blue ink on paper and when inverted, like a blueprint. Letting their design speak for themselves, their font family choice is the clear and concise Codan Bold and Regular for both print and digital collaterals. To round up their brand identity, their primary cool shade is Chathams Blue, a bright, contrasting Brown Rust, Amulet green for subheaders, and Pampas cream for backgrounds. Ingenuity at its finest, Sketch Collective is always forward thinking, onward creating.

Visual Identity, Art Direction, Stationery, Posters, Interior Design

Sketch Collective