Benibana Beauty Hub


Benibana Beauty Hub

Fresh and pure as the Japanese flower it was named after, Benibana Beauty Hub is a luxury salon and aesthetics center in Manila that specializes in hair and facial needs. Going beyond relaxation and pampering, any treatment will make their customers feel good in their own skin from top to bottom.

Taking inspiration from that which blooms from within, we orchestrated a design that altogether encompasses beauty that is soft, warm, and all things natural. Starting with the logo, the two Bs form a mirroring image with a beauty bite in different color combinations. As for the palette, we balance the colors of the forest with Pesto, Lemon Grass, and Pirate Gold with the bright and warm shades of pink flowers like Rose Fog, Putty, and Raw Sienna to resemble a beauty that can withstand any weather. In beautiful and sophisticated sans serif, Proxima Objective, Monserrat, and the script Bulmer MT Std make up the font study. Intertwined with Benibana’s purpose, our vision of its design highlights the already flawless brand in its most natural state— just like for their clients.

Visual Identity, Logo Design, Stationery, Menu, Banner, Bleaching Kit

Benibana Beauty Hub
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