Petto Bento


For paw-rents that want only the best for their fur-babies, Petto Bento is the go-to brand that’ll make your dog say, “Itadakimasu!” Offering packed meals made with the perfect recipe of healthy, sustainable, and human-grade ingredients for happy pups.

Easy to love and hard on the chew, the direction for the branding is carefully designed to attract pet parents who want their dogs to eat better than they do. With a bento-like Shiba Inu with knotted ears like a furoshiki (a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) as their icon, their logo comes in yellow, blue-grey, black, and white.

A life with pets is a colorful one, which is why the hero colors are bright as day: warm tones of Tan Hide, Sunglow, Jaffa, and Brilliant Rose against the blue and greens Submarine and Green Haze. To wrap up their all-natural, high quality food, we equipped the refreshing sans serif Futura Bold, GT Walshiem Pro, and SF Pro Display fonts.
Fresh to the eye for the young paw-rent in mind, our design for Petto Bento exhibits a sense of adoration and playfulness while still remaining bold.

Visual Identity, Logo Design, Brochure, Banner ↗

Petto Bento
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