Insane - A word, a week
INSANE: A word, a week. is a webshop and typefoundry that provides animated typefaces.

We were called to participate in their collaborative project  "A word, a week": A creative exploration where each week, a different artist or studio presents a short video using one of their animated typefaces with one word as a concept. 

This is our collaboration using Okomito typeface for week 50: Insane.

Directed by:
Produced by:

Creative Direction: Milton Gonzalez & Valeria Moreiro
Production: Roberto Connolly
Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro
Animation Direction: Milton Gonzalez

Design: Luján Borzi, Milton Gonzalez, Valeria Moreiro
Storyboard: Luján Borzi

Animation: Milton Gonzalez, Roberto Connolly
Animation assistant and cleanup: Joana Cabrera
3D Character and rigging: Milton Gonzalez

Compositing: Roberto Connolly

Music and SFX: AhRe studio

Year: 2018

Insane - A word, a week