Microsoft Edge - Browse smarter with AI

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Microsoft Edge - Browse smarter with AI

Find, Do, Create, Shop & much more with Microsoft Edge.

Embark on a journey of discovery with Microsoft Edge, your gateway to a world of possibilities. Dive into our immersive video series showcasing the innovative Edge virtual assistant, designed to elevate your browsing experience. Witness the power of Copilot, your personal assistant, as it seamlessly navigates through searches, compares prices and products, explores recipes, and even assists in graphic design.

But there's more than meets the eye. Behind each animation lies a wealth of meticulously crafted images that bring this project to life. Here, the secondary elements take center stage alongside the main attraction.

Welcome to a new era of browsing efficiency with Microsoft Edge.

This is the epitome of multitasking - seamlessly blending bargain hunting, trend prediction, email generation, task automation, and AI prowess.

Imagine effortlessly summarising, categorising, and comparing vast amounts of online information, simplifying the task of organising web pages. Picture planning a trip with ease, navigating through the abundance of information and feeling empowered by its simplicity and practicality.

Experience the enhanced capabilities of the latest iteration of Microsoft Edge, where finding the ideal eyewear is a breeze. Seamlessly locate the perfect pair, condense eyewear reviews into concise summaries, facilitate comparisons, unveil discounts, and present a plethora of eyewear options—all while effortlessly sourcing discount coupons.

Consider it your trusted ally.

Finally, our imaginations are unshackled, unleashing boundless potential to explore, create, and achieve beyond our wildest dreams. Whether crafting a design, composing an email, or brainstorming titles, names and phrases, the possibilities are limitless!

Introducing the world's first browser built with AI.

All these actions were condensed into a series of stunning images that depicted the diverse universe of people, each engaged in tasks of different complexities, all presented in a visually striking, dynamic, and lively manner.

That's why each styleframe isn't merely a mix of elements. It's a carefully crafted arrangement of elements designed to amplify the message, elevate its visual appeal, and foster a connection with the user.


Directed by NotReal
Creative Direction: Milton Gonzalez
Executive Production: Roberto Connolly
Creative Project Manager: Martin Orza, Mercedes Ginzo

Animation Direction: Macarena Mosquera
Storyboard Artists: Martin Orza, Nahuel Rollan

3D Design: Friedrich Neumann, Joan García Pons, Florencia Tasso, Juan Cioffi, Gonzalo Diaz, Romain Braccini 
2D Design: Flor Piovesanel, Federico Sanchez, Nico Martinetti, Naida Mazzenga, Carolina Ghisolfi, Martin Orza, Mercedes Ginzo

3D Animation: Macarena Mosquera, Nico Piccirilli, Pato Molina, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
2D Animation: Martín Muerza, Pablo Lozano, Pato Molina, Macarena Mosquera

Rendering: Macarena Mosquera, Juan Cioffi
Compositing & Color Grading: Mauricio Navas, Matías Mastrogiano, Milton Gonzalez
Sound Design: Fabrizio Martini

Client: Microsoft
Samuel R. Clarke - Director, Group Creative Lead
Michelle K. Lin - Sr. Art Director 
Joshua Kirsch - Art Director 
Shelagh Walsh - Copywriter 
Maria Andreotti Lambertini - Producer

Year: 2023

Microsoft Edge - Browse smarter with AI

Microsoft Edge - Browse smarter with AI

Microsoft Edge - Browse smarter with AI Find, Do, Create, Shop & much more with Microsoft Edge. Embark on a journey of discovery with Microsoft Read More