AOUD— Whisper Me a Secret.

3D Motion
After Effects

AOUD— Whisper me a secret. 

We immersed ourselves in a realm of delicacy and subtleties. Guided by attention to detail and harmony, our challenge was to weave a narrative radiating intimacy, tranquility, and the essence of personal care. 

Our journey began by exploring a link to the desired emotions — Intimacy and Tranquility, Natural Elements, Soft Light, Organic Elements, and Texture Play. By intentionally blurring foreground elements, we recreated the feeling of intimacy, transporting us to a secret world. The lighting's mood added warmth and authenticity, with a soft, suggestive quality enhancing comfort and serenity. Our envisioned images softly share secrets, evoking privacy, emphasizing the product's gentle, feminine aspects. A visual tale unfolds — a harmonious symphony of elements and bubbles. AOUD— A whispered story.

AOUD is a premium organic soap — a refined and feminine brand that embodies the legacy of personal care within the context of today's world. We meticulously crafted a logo that exudes a traditional style at first glance, yet upon closer inspection, reveals nuanced design choices and modifications to the typography. These deliberate elements infuse the brand with the contemporary accents we sought. In doing so, we've succeeded in creating a sophisticated, contemporary, and ancestral brand — much like nature itself.

To highlight the natural origin of our product, we have incorporated elements from the organic universe. Each element serves as an inspiration for scents and evokes sensations. Organic sponges, silky petals, natural stones, and rustic plants create a captivating contrast with the soap's inherent smooth texture. This selection imparts the entire narrative with the perfect equilibrium between the natural elements and the delicacy inherent in personal care.

A project by NotReal 

Creative Direction: Valeria Moreiro 
Executive Production: Roberto Connolly, Larissa Miranda 
Creative Project Manager: Mercedes Ginzo 
Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro, Mercedes Ginzo 
Animation Direction: Valeria Moreiro, Milton Gonzalez 
3D Design: Linus Zoll, Vitor Teixeira 
Lighting and Shading: Vitor Teixeira, Linus Zoll
2D design: Florencia Porreca 
2D compositing: Mercedes Ginzo 
3D Animation:  Alex Loud, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga 
Rendering: Vitor Teixeira 
Edit, Compositing & Color Grading: Valeria Moreiro 
Sound Design: Giovanni Dubini 

Year: 2023

AOUD— Whisper Me a Secret.