Microsoft - The Create Team Identity

Microsoft - The Create Team 

The Create Team is a group of passionate professionals that help Microsoft customers turn their ideas into tangible visual content, through the design and development of functional and intuitive platforms. 

They came to us looking to shape their brand's personality, including their logo, plus a comprehensive visual system that could be applied to their stationery, swags and communications, among other applications.

We believe that the word "Create" is full of power. In our vision, the process of creating is a result of the interaction of two aspects: Thinking & Building. Creative thinking starts with letting our brain organically flow with ideas, keeping structures and boundaries aside. And building, on the other hand, refers to organizing those ideas and making something tangible. 

To express this vision, the brand system is meant to be bold, playful, fresh, energetic and human; as well as organized and functional.

The stroke represents endless creation. It is the central graphic element and holds the conceptual foundation of The Create Team brand. It stands for creativity, constantly and seamlessly flowing in every loop. The stroke is versatile, diverse, and, most importantly, represents the human side: It is expressive, dynamic & fluid. 

A visual language that helps team members come together to collaborate, symbolizing the link between them and their creative processes.

A project by NotReal

Creative Direction: Milton Gonzalez
Executive Producer: Roberto Connolly
Creative Project Manager: Martin Orza

Art Direction: Lu Borzi, Martin Orza
2d Design: Lu Borzi, Martin Orza, Myriam Phung, Federico Sanchez, Pia Vivo, Mercedes Ginzo
3d Design: Juan Cioffi
Photo sources: Unsplash

Client: Microsoft - The Create Team
The Create Team: Alberto Cerriteño, Rory Reich
Year: 2022

Microsoft - The Create Team Identity