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Microsoft Creator Hub 

Microsoft Create is an online space for creators that links to the Microsoft Designer App. The online experience consists of two main websites: Creator Hub, offering a catalog of templates ready to use for social media, video, presentations, and more; and Learn and Grow, a marketplace and learning platform. We worked on a visual identity that reflects both experiences connected, and working as an integrated system.

With “energy” and “creative pulse” as the lighthouse concepts that guided this visual identity, we considered showing Microsoft Create as an empowering tool for users' businesses. We aimed to build a brand system that captivates and inspires all those who want to make an impact and express their work and ideas. 

The images we developed aspire to transmit creativity and professionalism, they are contemporary, powerful, and portray positive energy. We wanted to keep in mind that the nature of all creative expressions consists of a balance between artistic passion and intelligence. Therefore, we focused on achieving a system that assembles dynamism and depth in a colorful, sensory, and expressive universe, while at the same time promoting a rational sense of order and planning. Ultimately, this method connects at a deeper level with the core and essence of the product: turning creativity into business by directing and shaping the creations professionally. 

This mix of approaches results in a colorful and functional system that captures the eye and awakens the senses.

Let's create!


We developed a system that constitutes "building blocks" as a graphical representation of the experience in Microsoft Designer: the blocks are meant to represent the app's AI that easily helps users create pro-style content from scratch. 

With a breadth of fresh images, unique fonts, filters, and animations, one can personalize their work and brand online. These elements appear in the scenes, sometimes more concretely and sometimes through abstractions. Dissembled. Coming together. Linking creativity with users' productivity.


Learn & Grow is the marketplace and learning platform that complements Creator Hub.

The users of this platform are not only creators but also contributors (the rockstars of the platform promoting tips and knowledge for others). Both creators and contributors have these things in common: they are energetic and passionate about what they do; they make decisions and carry them out; they push themselves to achieve their goals and “wow” their fans; they are driven and positive; and they are professional, serious, and confident that this tool will help them take their designs to a new level. 

We will guide you through the 2D visual system, showing you how we celebrate the expression of ideas, the voices of diversity, and the personality of this creative community.

Creativity is energy and passion and we translated it into warm colors. But it is also introspection and evaluation and we translated it into cool colors. This was the starting point that organized our color use, and by which we generated five color palettes that work across the complete Creator's Hub experience and Learn & Grow.

Often, social media works as an effective tool to showcase how a complete identity works. Here is an overview of some social media posts laid out together.

And finally, some R&D from the process

Directed by NotReal
Creative Direction: Valeria Moreiro
Executive Production: Roberto Connolly
Project Manager & Line producer: Mercedes Ginzo

Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro, Mercedes Ginzo
Animation Direction: Sergio Damonte

3D Design: Vitor Teixeira, Florencia Tasso, Carolina Carballo,
2D Design: Luján Borzi, Florencia Porreca, Martín Orza, Mercedes Ginzo, Octavio Pollono, Malena De Luca

3D Animation: Sergio Fuego, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
2D Animation: Macarena Mosquera, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga

Client: Microsoft
Microsoft Team: Jana Huskey, Alberto Cerriteño, Alexis Copeland, Rory Reich, Jadeon Lee 

Microsoft - Creator Hub

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Microsoft - Creator Hub

With “energy” and “creative pulse” as the lighthouse concepts that guided this visual identity, we considered showing Microsoft Create as an empo Read More