Google - Environmental Design

Google - Environmental graphics

Below is a curated collection of visual explorations developed for Google, in close collaboration with their Experience Studio Team, focused on revitalizing global center experiences. They asked us to create and animate different designs for stair risers, to give a fun twist to an everyday structure.

We aimed to craft a visually engaging experience that could balance playfulness with premium sophistication, effortlessly embodying Google's signature 'Playful Premium' aesthetic.

Bold geometric shapes generate a play between symmetrical and rhythmic compositions. Additionally, we infused a "human touch" by delicately incorporating hand-drawn elements, all accentuated by subtle gradients that added depth to the scenes, resulting in a distinctive and intimate charm.

Throughout the project, our team produced an impressive array of captivating abstract designs and breathtaking animations, so in the end we decided to seamlessly weave them together into a reel.

A project by NotReal

Creative Direction: Milton Gonzalez, Valeria Moreiro
Executive Production: Roberto Connolly 
Art Direction: Flor Tasso
Animation Direction: Macarena Mosquera
Line Producer: Lucila Mansur
Design: Flor Tasso, Lu Borzi, Octavio Pollono, Martin Orza, Manuela Caceres
Animation: Macarena Mosquera, Sergio Fuego, Milton Gonzalez, Lucas Ferraguti, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga 
Sound Design: Lucas Totino Tedesco

Client: Google
Google's Team: Alicia Fairclough-Buford, Minh Nguyen, Borys Semianov, Jessica Shipp
Year 2021

Google - Environmental Design