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JongeHonden X hollandsnieuwe

"We, JongeHonden (Young Dutch Creatives), connect fresh ideas from young creatives to great companies and organisations. For the last 26 years, we’ve been hosting pitches because we believe that young creatives can shape these brands in a tremendous way. During these pitches, twenty-something creatives show off their most innovative, crazy ideas. Next to the practice of a real pitch, the winners will also be paid in another experience: The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity."

"hollandsnieuwe is a relatively new, distinctive player in the telecom sector. Hollandsnieuwe offers 4 types of advantageous Sim Only subscriptions that you take for 1 or 2 years. You pay one fixed low rate for calling, texting and internet and determine the mix yourself. Because you pay in advance every month, you never get unexpectedly high bills. In addition, you never run the risk of calling 'outside' your bundle, because if your bundle is empty, you can not just continue calling, but you can top up your bundle at the same cheap rate. 100% control."

The assignment
"Develop an eye-catching brand campaign for hollandsnieuwe with which they positions itself as a distinctive player in the telecom industry, doing things just a little differently than the rest."

Together with Luuk van Velthoven we came up with the following concept:
(The video is in Dutch, the translation is below the video)

We have the biggest dreams for our children. But unfortunately we do not have 100% control over the future of our children. This campaign shows that you can at least have control over 1 thing. Your phone bill.


We show children who may be the greatest artists, athletes, professors or musicians in the future. Perhaps these children are indeed the person we have in mind. Maybe not. You never know that for sure. The only thing you know for sure is your telephone bill from hollandsnieuwe.

Third place, bronze medal Young Dutch Creatives.

One year of free calls with hollandsieuwe

Assignment: JongeHonden
Concept and design: Luuk van Velthoven & Nathan Roos
Published: April 2013

JongeHonden X hollandsnieuwe