Loyalis Live
Thursday, February 6, 2020
Van der Valk Hotel, Heerlen

Loyalis is an income insurer. The company provides supplements to the pension and income schemes for government, education, energy and utility companies and the construction industry. This involves insuring income in the event of disability. At the end of 2019, Loyalis became part of the insurance company a.s.r..
In addition, the Loyalis head office will move to a new location in 2020.

As a result of the acquisition, products disappeared at Loyalis, leaving more room for specific products, such as the disability insurance. For this new direction of Loyalis, we have written a new strategy, vision and mission. To introduce all 200 employees to this new course, we came up with the idea of creating a free one-off event for all employees at the beginning of 2020: Loyalis Live.

For this event, we have created various components:

- a new logo including a corresponding visual identity;
- various products: offline (print) and online (screens);
- banknotes, including a fictitious currency: the LOY.

Loyalis Live logo
- at an angle of 10 degrees
- minimum white space = 4 x

Orange square, variable, straight lines
White square, variable
but always at an angle of of 10 degrees

Examples of logo variations:

We have made different products for the event, offline (print) and online (screens):
The invitation, lanyards, balloons with introduction cards, photoshoot background, polaroid template, presentation cards, digital screens, powerpoint presentations, various flags, menu cards, name stickers, roll-up banners, paper forms, price tags and a goodiebag.

Loyalis Live currency; the LOY
Since Loyalis is an income insurer, we also wanted employees to "play" with money during the event. There were games such as “Met het Mes op Tafel” (a Dutch television show) and you could use the money at the Loyalis merchandise shop. We didn't want to use real money, so we created a fictional currency specially for this event; the LOY. We have designed an icon and two matching banknotes of 25 and 50 LOY.

The two banknotes show two buildings on the back:
the old Loyalis building on 25 LOY (blue) and the new Loyalis building on 50 LOY (orange).
Small details such as parked cars, logos, people, lampposts and security cameras have been photoshoped.

​​​​​​​The notes together become one:
there are various details that make it more difficult to copy.

Assignment on behalf of brandwebbing

Client: Loyalis
Concept: Nathan Roos & Rembrandt Smids
Art Direction & Designer: Nathan Roos
Planning & media export: Ellen Steenkamp
Event management: Ellen Steenkamp & Martijn van Dijk
Event host: Rembrandt Smids
Photography: Roy Lazet
Logo design "Loyalis Live" & "LOY": Nathan Roos
Published: Februari 2020

Loyalis Live

Loyalis Live

A visual identity for Loyalis Live, free one-off event for all employees of Loyalis. Offline (print) and online products, including a new currenc Read More