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Utrecht Pride 2022

Since 2017, the Utrecht Canal Pride has been a household name in the city of Utrecht. In a special year where the city of Utrecht celebrates its 900th anniversary, this is the most colorful opening of a wonderful summer. With no fewer than 50 participating boats this year, followed by a street party and various afterparties! Each year the parade has its own theme, with this year "Just Be You". 

"Being allowed to celebrate who you are is quite unique in the world. The LGBTIQ+ community cannot show itself everywhere or make them feel heard. During the Utrecht Canal Pride they put every visitor, who supports the Pride in the spotlight, just like every partner, sponsor, participant, volunteer or other person or organization that supports Pride. Because, the world is the most beautiful place when you are who you are. Just Be You."

Creating a logo with matching corporate identity to promote the event on saturday, june 4th 2022.

A large number of products to promote the event outdoors (such as posters, flags & banners), digital advertising (social media), merchandise during the event (bags, t-shirts & postcards) and employee products (wristbands, passes with lanyards, T-shirts & polo's). In addition, an annex has been designed for the local newspaper DUIC, including a map of the event. This was handed out for free on the day of the parade.

A dynamic logo with all the colors from the progress flag. The logo consists of 4 variants, with reflections in different directions (45-degree angle). The logo can also be made longer, to make it infinite.

Logo (monocolor)
For some products it was not possible to print full-colour. That is why a black and white logo was created, as shown here on the background color yellow. The logo was also made simpler for this version; fewer reflections are visible.

Art Direction & Designer: Nathan Roos
Utrecht Canal Pride Crew: Robbert Kalff, Jeroen Kanters, Ralf Mens, Roald Stolk, Peter Vos & Rick Hendrix
Photography: Lieke Vermeulen Michel Swart
Published: April/May/June 2022

Utrecht Pride 2022

Utrecht Pride 2022