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Day 0001: the start

Frequently asked questions

Why did you start this project?
On August 1st, 2016 I shaved off my beard and I was curious how quickly it would grow back. That's why I decided to take a picture of myself every day. After about 20 selfies i decided to make the photos public and really turn them into a daily project. Two months after my first selfie I trimmed my beard again, but since then I have continued to take daily selfies, up to the present day with great joy!

Have you set guidelines for yourself?
Yes, the selfies were a bit inconstant at first, but pretty quick I established guidelines for myself. Number 1: I always look straight at the camera with a neutral face. A small smile (without teeth) or something similar is fine, but no silly faces. The selfie should be similar to the previous selfie, if you look at the facial expression. Number 2: my head is centered in the photo, always in the same position. No exceptions. This creates a neat timelapse-video; I develop those every 100th photo (for example day #2200). And number 3: the background is as different as possible compared to the previous photos. That is of course not always possible with so many selfies, but the main thing is, for example, that I don't have three similar photos in a row. That's boring.

Have you ever missed a day?
Unfortunately due to technical problems, I lost 8 days in December 2016. Luckily those are the only days I missed in all these years. So my "selfie-anniversary-date" has shifted 8 days to the date I made selfie 366: on August 9th. Taking my daily selfie is always on my mind; i wake up with the question: what, where or with whom am I going to take a selfie today? And tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow? For example: I took a selfie just after the birth of my first and second child, but also on the day of my mother's death or the day I got a mild concussion. That is what makes this project so strong and valuable: it is literally a day-by-day-diary, in good times and unfortunately sometimes in bad times.

Do you have a goal?
No, not necessarily. I just like to keep this project going for as long as possible. However, it is challenging to have as many different selfies as possible. For example: getting hit with snowballs, having a pancake- or banana-face, someone puking in the background, at the dentist, with a paint-hand, with blonde hair, covered with rubber bands, at carnaval of halloween, buried on the beach, or having a unicorn-ice-cream head. It is also nice to get as many different people as possible, such as family, friends, strangers or even famous people. But in the end; it's just nice to keep it up as long as possible!

Why don't you always post the selfie on the day itself?
It is important to know that my goal is to post them on the day itself. But that's not always possible or I'm waiting to post it for a specific reason. For example: I sometimes post a selfie in a carousel on Instagram with photos that I don't receive until the next day or even a few days. So I want t
o wait for these photo's. It may also be possible that I don't want to reveal something yet, such as the birth of my sons. So I post them a few days later. And when I'm on vacation, I'm not at home. Is it wise to post selfies online when the house is empty? No. So I will also post those photos with a short delay. But to be honest: usually it's because I'm lazy or busy: I take a selfie at a party in the evening (possibly after a few alcoholic drinks) and then post it the next day when I'm sober (or two days if my hangover is killing me..)

Are there more people who take a daily selfie?
Yes, there are multiple partners in crime doing a similar project. Some even longer than my project; I'm jealous of them! But on the other hand, they are also an inspiration and motivation to keep going.

How long will you continue taking selfies?
I'll continue to take a daily selfie until I'm gone. B
ecause, why
not? Taking a photo takes less than a minute, plus maybe some editing. It is becoming a super valuable and personal diary with many changes already. I've moved several times, changed jobs several times, found the partner of my life and became a father, twice. I captured all these precious moments in this project. Can you imagine if I keep it up until I'm 100 years old!

Day 2000
On day 2000 I decided to do something special: a selfie-mosaic built with all previous selfies!
This was picked up by local media in the physical newspaper and digital website.

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Wow, you scrolled past all my selfies! Impressive, haha! In that case: I have a nice assignment for you. In this photo below I am standing with friends in Stadium 'Galgenwaard' of my favorite football club FC Utrecht. At this specific moment I just happen to take a selfie #208. Can you find me? Good luck!