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FC Utrecht 50 Years - PRODUCT

FC Utrecht 50 Years - CONCEPT
The Dutch football club FC Utrecht celebrated its 50th anniversary on July 1st 2020.
In honor of this event, I've created a concept for a new logo and home / away jersey.


My designs have been well received and published by various media (local and national). I have conducted an interview for television, online articles on different websites, articles in newspapers and even a live interview on the radio. Major football blogs such as voetbalzone (about 280k followers) and VTBL (250k followers) have also posted my designs on their social media. 

Below you can find an overview:


In addition to the media, the Supporters Vereniging FC Utrecht (SVFCU) was also very enthusiastic about the design of the shirts. In fact, they were so impressed that they were eager to produce the shirts with my collaboration. A number of adjustments have been made for this production.

Bunnikside logo
One of the most important changes was the logo on the chest. Since football club FC Utrecht did not want to cooperate, we have switched the FC Utrecht logo to the Bunnikside logo; the most fanatical (and notorious) supporters-stand of FC Utrecht.

Other adjustments were:
•  the collar
•  different color stitches
•  we have updated the player names with 3 missing players
•  removing the sponsors, inside and on the back
•  no possibility to have a name and number of a player printed
•  adding my personal logo (NTHNRS) on the back
•  adding the tagline: 50 years FC Utrecht anniversary shirt (translated)


In collaboration with the SVFCU, we had the shirts produced by Tomadex, under the supervision of byADELAAR. The shirts were pre-sold digitally, after which the shirts were produced on request.

Since the shirts were already sold to the designs of my mockups, promotion was not necessary. Still, it was good to have professional photos of the shirts (especially for me personally/my portfolio). That's why I modeled myself at the photo shoot, which was provided by photographer Ruben May.


There was a sales expectation of approximately 70 to 100 shirts. In the first week it became clear that the number would be far exceeded. We decided to split the sale into two rounds to meet the demand.

Result: 570 shirts have been sold

237 white (home) shirts with the cheering supporters print
333 black (away) shirts with the skyline of Utrecht print


Concept & design
Nathan Roos

Photography on the shirt
white (home) shirt - cheering supporters: Kateryna Mashkevych
black (away) shirt - skyline of Utrecht: Robert Oosterbroek
(both photos have been edited/color corrected by me)
Production, distribution & sales in cooperation with
Supporters Vereniging FC Utrecht (SVFCU):
Mike Vermeulen, Freek Speelman, Teun den Hartog & Marielle Kruft

Shirt production
byADELAAR: Pascal Adelaar

Photoshoot final shirt

RTV Utrecht: Mark van der Wel
De Utrechtse Internet Courant (DUIC) article 1 & article 2: Robert Oosterbroek & Bas van Setten
Algemeen Dagblad article 1 & article 2: Rachel van Kommer, Ruud Voest & Irma Ratten
Voetbalzone: Justus Dingemanse
Bingo FM: Chris Swenke
RTL Nieuws

Wouter de Kleyn (T-Mobile)
Jacob Mulenga (former FC Utrecht player)
Weerman Martin (Jansen)

And of course a lot of appreciation for everyone who bought a shirt! Thanks!

Unfortunately I did not receive a response from FC Utrecht, but still:
Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! I'm Utreg till i die!

Design: 2020
Production: 2020

FC Utrecht 50 Years - PRODUCT

FC Utrecht 50 Years - PRODUCT